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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 1 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers abound)



A sci-fi show, Star Trek no less, is playing fast and loose with real science?

I am shocked, I tell you! SHOCKED!

@Lorcan_Nagle, please slap somebody for me. I am too upset to do it myself.


On it:


Forbes publishes insane “informed opinions” far too easily to be taken seriously.

…On an entirely different note, I feel incredibly stupid to have just realized that “DISCO” on those workout clothes refers neither to the ‘70s music nor Sisko (hey, as a DS9 Guy, it’s an easy association to make!) but…rather the ship’s name…


You have passed the test.


I was thinking, it’d be nice if they got Zach Quinto to make a special appearance in one episode… he don’t seem too busy these days anyways :smile:


Alas, that’s not the case. He was in three films out last year including Star Trek Bayond, is in two this year and two due out next year are in pre-production as well as starring in a TV pilot and booked in for the Next Star Trek movie. It’s… improbable. At this point, in any case…


2 movies is not what I’d call “too busy”, but anyways, it’d just be for a spock cameo…

Or hey, maybe the kid who played kid spock in the first movie is old enough now =P


Hey, if I get Cate Blanchett’s approval, I’m very happy!


He’s also a producer as well, isn’t he? I’m not sure sure what his role was, but I know that he was fairly involved with Margin Call.


Aye, I think a lot has been executive producing but he seems to produce independent stuff and documentaries directly. He has a bundle of Emmys so I doubt he’ll be out of work anytime soon. I was thinking mostly that if he’s attached to productions as an actor that can make it difficult to time starring in Discovery around shooting schedules. And I doubt CBS would fork out the money for a throw away cameo. Plus Quinto himself would have to be convinced it would be a good idea and I assume Paramount would have to sign off on it and I’m not quite sure they would if another movie is scheduled unless it benefitted them.

It’s a lot of factors that make it an improbability. If it does happen I would assume it would be down the line if it is a mainstream success and we’d see someone like Harold from Harold and Kumar turn up first.

Or maybe Bones. That guy will star in anything :wink:


Speaking of Zach Quinto:


It’s also worth noting that CBS (the TV shows) and Paramount (the movies) are effectively unrelated. That would make them competitors, sort of. Or friendly rivals. At any rate, this isn’t like Agents of SHIELD and the Avengers movies. Agents can’t score the movie guys because it’s way, way out of its budget, although technically they exist in the same universe (Earth-MCU). Aside from the fact that Discovery is in the prime Star Trek universe, there’s already a different Sarek.

It’s like Superman in Supergirl versus Henry Cavill. There. Simple enough.


I agree with all the other stuff but Nick Fury and Sif both appeared in AOS and Clark Gregg was in, what, 5 MCU movies plus you have Agent Carter and Howard Stark both appearing on an ABC show despite being relatively top billed actors in an MCU movie? Networks are happy to sign off on extra cast budget if someone wants to appear, they would be insane not to, if you can get Samual L Jackson on a show on your network the ad revenue for that episode practically pays for the appearance, but it’s nearly always about current contracts, availability or actors simply not wanting to appear.


Irrespective of in universe reasons (i.e. prime vs. JJ universes), wasn’t there a break up between CBS and Paramount a couple of years ago, which was one of the reasons why Discovery didn’t happen last year in the 50th anniversary. There was a contractual stipulation that CBS couldn’t launch a new series within 6 months of a new movie.

On the other hand, I read the Star Trek Discovery novel Desperate Hours which scratches some of that itch. In it Burnham and Spock team up and have to deal with their shared history, Saru meets Number One and Captain Pike butts heads with Captain Georgiou .

Edit: I watched episode 7…I really enjoyed it. I thought it was the most Trekkie episode they’ve done so far. And Stammets is turning out to be my favourite character.


Nick Fury made an appearance? I hadn’t heard about that!

But Agent Carter and Howard Stark are on the whole several rungs down the ladder. Coulson, about the same. And Sif.

But Nick Fury…!


He was in two or three episodes in series 1 - one early on, like episode 2 or 3, and then again in the finale (I can’t remember if he was in the last two, or just the last one though).

Also in the low names on the totem pole, Maria Hill has appeared a few times, as has President Logan from Iron Man 3.


A senior Hydra scientist (played by British character actor Henry Goodman) from the movies got a recurring role as a season villain, and a bit of a promotion to regional Hydra mastermind or something.


wasn’t there a break up between CBS and Paramount a couple of years ago,

Basically, CBS kept the the ownership of Star Trek and the television rights, but Paramount has the movie rights (both distribution and new), under a license from CBS.


SLJ appearance in the finale was hilarious since it was clearly filmed somewhere completely different than the rest of the actors in his scenes.