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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 1 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers abound)


However, it’s kind of fascinating to watch the Klingons, stereotyped as warriors, spend most of their time talking. It kind of expands on their culture. I love the concept of trying to unite the houses, which we’ve never seen before. We’ve certainly seen houses plot against each other (Duras, lookin’ at you), but the basic assumption still seems to have always been that all Klingons basically work in conjunction with each other, without much incident.


Random thoughts on eps 5 and 6:

  • I seem what you guys were talking about with the decompression. Bloody hell. Also, is there no significant scientific leap that can’t be made in under three minutes? Neuro-enhancing gadget for a completely newly discovered spiritual force - DONE! Changing human DNA to enable a human being to navigate an alien network by instinct - DONE! The show is very trek where tech is concerned now. “This will take at least a month!” - “I can give you an hour!” - “Well, okay!”

  • Stamets is a great character, and I love Rapp; there’s a lot of good actors on this show, but he’s my favourite.

  • At the end of ep 6 when Burnham was telling Tyler all about her daddy issues, I kept imagining that in his head he was going “shutupshutupshutup I was tortured by Klingons FOR SEVEN MONTHS shutupshutupshutup” the whole time :wink:

  • Love how they showed Lorca’s damage in this ep, but bloody hell, they’re really not afraid to kill off good characters - I kind of liked the Admiral. And they went really dark on Lorca at the end there, the implication being that he’s willing to sacrifice his old girlfriend so he can keep his command. It’s not even much of a stretch to suggest that this is what he hoped would happen when he suggested she take over the mission.

  • Love Stamets and the Doctor as a couple, and that they didn’t give that away for the whole episode. That was quite awesome. Also, the creepy mirror shot: nice! Can’t become part mushroom without some lingering effects, and I expect we will get to see more of those sooner or later.

  • Harcourt Fenton Mudd! I barely remembered him! I do hope we actually are going to see more of him… also, I didn’t recognise Rainn Wilson! Bloody hell!


As I said when Lorcan brought up the same point; it doesn’t require any imagination at all because it’s bloody obvious that’s what he was hoping for.

The alternative is that she comes back and he loses his ship. Even if she came back with a breakthrough, making some kind of deal with the dissident Klingon houses, he’d still lose his ship.

They haven’t made him insane enough to sabotage her shuttle, but he saw an opportunity and went for it.


You are. In the very next episode.

I generally enjoyed that idea of an emotional episode about Vulcans, but that’s quite true. Seriously Burnham, learn some tact. :smile:


That was another solid, very Trek episode. Some very funny moments in there - Spaced out Stamets continues to be awesome, and Burnham’s got this great Vulcan face that she makes when she gets flustered, it got deployed a couple of times in episode 1 before shit got real, and it returned this week.

And I think it’s worth looking at Burnham’s mannerisms and how they’ve changed. In episodes 3-6, she’s off-kilter, a little more desperate and a little more emotional. Now, she’s back on a Starship bridge, and she’s behaving a little more Vulcan (though still with her puckish streak)

Also, the new communicators are properly visible, they look great, and I love that Stamets uses his to check the time.

Tyler is incredibly tall


Very, very Trek.

Ironically enough, we’ve been through this story before. :wink:

But I liked it a lot, after all the changes of pace and situation, this was a story that could fit in any Star Trek series (because it has done) and that wasn’t a bad thing.


Next week the crew meets glowy things on a planet. Time loops, aliens discriminating as a metaphor for racism, discovering that a monstrous alien is actually gentle, we’re reaching peak Star Trek here.


Stamets was Darryl in Adventures In Babysitting! That’s my mind blown for today!!


Now THAT was Trek. I love temporal loop stories more than any other type of sci-fi story by a long way, so this was great (though probably the most plothole heavy one I’ve ever watched).

I did enjoy how we were told the story from the perspective of someone not realizing they were in a loop, it was a nice change to the narrative (even if it did dissappear half way through).


Yeah, I can’t believe he’s a good dancer.


I love that Mudd gets a chance to prove he’s incredibly capable. Even if he still gets thwarted. Kind of like Q, all of a sudden. (Mon capitan!)


It’s dramatically engaging if the villain is really capable and therefore more dangerous.

Then the heroes use a sort of strategic judo to turn that against them.


All is good in DISCO land, but my personal advice to SF shows thinking of using time-loop plots is don’t. You will never, ever beat Stargate SG-1 S04E06 Window of Opportunity. Ever.


What, no love for Groundhog Day? :wink:


To be fair, Groundhog Day doesn’t have anyone playing golf across hundreds of light years.


Obviously, you didn’t see the Director’s Cut.


Tyler stopping a party to deliver a random speech glorifying the casualties of war was so Klingon. It’s probably their version of busting out some funky breakdance solo.


Haven’t seen that one but both Source Code and Edge of Tomorrow are surprisingly good… Ohh and Triangle, that one is alsow pretty great.

This one was rather meh in terms of time loops, but it was an enjoyable filler episode.


Agreed - all very well done. The advantage SG-1 has is that, by then, we’d had three seasons to get to know four brilliant characters pretty well, so when O’Neill and Teal’c take a few loops off, the show’s tongue-in-cheekness shines oh so brightly.

To put my advice into context: ignore me - totally. I have! I’m writing a radio play that’s a sort of kitchen sink drama/time loop/ghost story mash-up.

P.S. About that: any UK wireless operators out there?


I really enjoyed that.
Loved the breakneck pace, how much character work they crammed in to such a short space of time.
The guy playing Mudd can chew scenery with the best of them.
I was a little disappointed about how classic Trek it felt though, proving that you can’t please everyone :rofl: