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Star Trek: Discovery - Series 1 and tie-in media discussion (spoilers abound)


Exactly. Being socially awkward doesn’t make you less capable in the areas that you are capable at.

Before we deride Tilly’s lack of military skills, let’s think back to episode 3. Who spotted the Klingon on the derelict starship? Who called him out?


Funny that the villains on the show are the Klingons who fear other races impinging upon their purity and how they have always done things, while the back story of the main character is driven by her adopted community rejecting her for not being one of them and thus threatening how they have always done things… while a lot of Star Trek fans make a fuss and bother about how Discovery does not do things the way Star Trek has always done them.


While ignoring almost all the things they complain about have been done in prior incarnations of Trek…


Now I need a TNG scene of Wesley blurting out “this is so fucking cool” just to see the look on Picard’s face…


I’ts not about military skills… but what is she even good at besides her “humour”?I don’t recall her doing anything worth of note besides her stupid comments, and even less so compared to other characters… but to be fair, sure she may get more developpement in the future… shit, I hope so because she’s downright the one thing that’s really lowering my enjoyement of the show so far.



Also, I had a thought regarding the swearing in episode 5…Obviously they were just fans of giants of literature like Harold Robbins.


And then saying “You’re right Ensign, this is fucking cool”


Well, I’m still more than happy with the way things are going. This must be the strongest debut ST season so far?

The characters and plotlines are more complex than other ST show starts, so we’re likely to see more slow burn plots than in the past, but the episodic events are stong enough to carry short term interest. The bridge staff are still silhouettes, which is unusual for ST, so I’d be surprised if they don’t start to be included a little more.

I can’t see the problem with Tilly. She’s a light-relief everyman character and a great foil for Burnham. The rest of the ship’s complement are coming along in a good way too. A couple of plot points are a little forced, but no biggy. I’d like to see more of the 300 scientific “missions”.

Keep 'em coming!

Also, I particularly like this hint shot…


With Burnham joining the bridge crew, I can assume we’ll see more of them. Given the awkward silence between her and Detmer (the navigator with the undercut and implant on her face, she was Shenzhou’s navigator as well) when they ran into each other in Discovery’s mess hall, hopefully there’ll be some drama there at least.


I have been thinking about the Disco T-shirts…and I thought to myself “Is that classical music?”


Picard would never say that. He’d say:


It’s the stuffy old music about the buttocks


That’s an automatic SHUT UP WESLEY.


Order your official Disco shirts!


If I don’t murder my wallet at a gaming con this weekend, I’m totally getting one.


My DJ name is Pirate At The Disco… Guess who’s getting one of those and stitching a skull and crossbones on…



I’m really enjoying this series. I like the way actually they are introducing key characters as they go on instead of the traditional setup of ‘meet the crew’ in the first episode.

I thought the use of the f-word was incredibly stupid. The rest of the 6 episodes have no content that would be described as ‘mature’ so they’ve restricted the programme to many younger viewers for the sake of a crappy joke. It’s not coming from a Mary Whitehouse direction, I love shows with sex and swearing but this kind of thing frustrates me as pointless, the X-Men films similar offenders. Either go full on like Deadpool in the mature content or don’t, otherwise you cut out a tranche of the audience for the sake of single gags.


One of the directors on the show has some good behind the scenes shots on their twitter feed.

Starting with; a starship bridge "exterior (formatting on MW is cropping it a bit);


Just saw the first four episodes.

I like it well enough. Michael makes for an interesting character, and so is her position on the Discovery. Jason Isaacs is great, of course, and a devious, war-minded captain certainly is something new. Fourth episode felt like proper Trek, too, with the monster turning out to be a friendly and a lot of pseudo-science and all that. I also liked how quickly they killed the poor head of security. They’ll have to introduce more characters quickly, though, if they’re going to go through them at this rate!

The show’s weak side is the writing. Drew pointed out some of the flaws in the first episodes, and it’s a bit of a constant. Can’t say I’m surprised, given that Goldsman and Kurtzman both are mediocre writers and prone to this kind of thing. The Klingons aren’t working for me, either; their scenes are much too slow and tedious and they’ve covered the actors in so much costume that they’re just all stiff.