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Star Trek: Discovery - discussing S01E15, "Will You Take My Hand?"



3rd time lucky and I got on a lot better with the second half of Ep 5 than I did the first

I can see why you responded to say you were surprised I found the show felt like it wasn’t going anywhere, as it started to rapidly move on at a rate of knots and I’m far happier with it overall having watched the full episode.

I’m going to try watch Ep 6 tonight if I can, while the iron is hot, I’ll read the comments on it after.



huh funny enough those are the two most “Whedon-esque” characters (doesn’t help the doctor looks a lot like Tudyk either), but the Doctor at least is better written, Tilly is just a very whedonesque uppitty/smarmy sidekick, who would be probably fine in another show, but not in this one… she really sticks out like a sore thumb.

Edit: to be fair though, I’m not a trekkie, so there might be a tradition of comedy characters like her, but to me, as a sci-fi show, it doesn’t fit. The comedy was a bit better handled in the movies for exemple, better integrated, but here you have a show where it’s all mostly serious and one character that’s really different, and acts like she’s in college instead of the premier scientific vessel of the federation =/


Ep 6

I loved the opening to the episode, this felt a bit more like traditional, modern Trek.

We got to see some Vulcans, a snippet of Vulcan and Tilly and Burnham going for a jog round the ship.
It’s these smaller moments I was worried we’d lose - minor character interactions and a bit of a look at life on the ship during the quiet moments, and a wee look at an early holodeck.

This was my favourite episode so far and there’s no coincidence that it was closer in tone and structure to a traditional Trek episode - it was almost standalone to a degree and all the better for it. It wa actually a brilliant episode to be honest - so much character & relationship development.
It’s kind of given me a bit of faith in those running the show that they can get it right.

I felt it was less dark aesthetically, and it looked great - particularly the scenes on Vulcan.
It reasonated emotionally with me.
Plus barely a Klingon in sight.

More of this please.


In what sense is she obnoxious?

I don’t get that all from her.


In the original series and TNG, the crews were always the best of the best of the best. Even Wesley Crusher had to be a boy genius who could do miracles.

We don’t really have the same sense about the crew on this ship. And Tilly is just someone learning the job…which is not a main character that I’ve seen in Trek before.

Similarly, we have never had a Captain who is most assuredly more warrior than explorer before.

On a separate note, I quite liked the episode 6, It had a good ending and fleshed out Burnham’s past, as well as shedding a little bit of light on the reasons behind Spock’s estrangement from Sarek from TOS.


More so than Sisko?


He killed his own crew to prevent them from being captured by the Klingons. I don’t think he manages it by much, but I think he edges out Sisko.


!? OK, yeah, that pretty much settles it!

I’m going to have to watch this but I remain with the wait-then-gorge plan.


I’m still a little fuzzy on how he got away (he’s described as the sole survivor) but was able to destroy the ship?

Is that just a writer’s short cut to establish his baddass-ness and trauma, or will it be revisited?


Oh…sorry. I didn’t get that you hadn’t seen it.

Lorca doesn’t really have the soft edges that we’ve seen with other Captains (or at least not that we’ve seen).


Oh, don’t worry - I’m in a spoiler thread with full knowledge of where I am!

Does make Isaacs’ casting work for them too.


I think that you might like the show. It has a lot of the feel of the Star Trek novels (maybe due to who they have on the writing staff).


Sisko was an engineer who grew into the military role as the Dominion War pressed on. Lorca seems to be much more of a military type to begin with.


Well in part what Simon said, they haven’t really shown WHY she is in that top secret, top scientific research ship in the first place (I mean her qualifications) other than to be the “comedic” relief. Also, they’re at war, you’d expect a war vessel to be outfitted with people at least some military training, which she doesn’t. She’s really a character that seems forced in just for comedy’s sake, and unfortunately, the comedy doesn’t even work for me. Her only merit so far has been to be assigned to the same room as Michael.

Other than that, her character is really a late 90’s early 2000’s prototypical “whedon-like” sidekick, she’d fit right in a show like Firefly or the Orville from what I saw, for sure, but I don’t feel she fits here, since this seems to be a “serious” show.

In contrast, for exemple, the Doctor is also super quirky, but he is immediatly introduced as this super genius and he shows his skills right away, so his quirkiness is excusable at least. Plus he’s nowhere near as annoying or “immersion-breaking” as Tilly… So yeah, I’d say the fact that she’s flat-out a comedy relief character is what REALLY bothers me, because she takes me out of the show everytime she opens her mouth… I’m always like “how the fuck did she even make it aboard???” :smile:


I very much had a Homer Simpson moment throughout that whole thing of yelling at the TV “it means he gets results you stupid chief!!” So, uh, good job, guys.


Just to clarify this part, most crew are on Discovery or assigned there for exactly that, discovery. It’s been alluded to several times by crew members that they aren’t soldiers. But much more to the point, not being socially adept to others standards does not mean you can’t be crew on a Starship. I’m not a big fan either, and there are plenty of Federation crew members I don’t like, but not giving someone a position on the crew of a Starship because you are annoying to some people will get you a trip to HR, and rightly so.

I imagine she is there, from.a writing standpoint, for both lightening technobabble and to use as a fiol against horrible events and Michael’s full on Vulcan demeanor… I imagine she will even out in time and grow as a character… For what it’s worth, despite finding her annoying, I like the idea of a complete nerd, not ‘attractive’ in the way all ‘TOS’ women were.


I loved the episode. It’s the most comprehensive look at Sarek…ever, and Frain totally owned the role for the first time.

For you Deep Space Nine fans, doesn’t Lorca all of a sudden look a lot like Kai Winn?

Liked Tyler a lot more in this second appearance.