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Star Trek: Discovery - discussing S01E15, "Will You Take My Hand?"


Jesus, how many times did Riker and Wesley hook up in Ten Forward?


Are you actually asking the question, because I think the only one here qualified to give an accurate and lengthy answer is you.


I don’t think it’s a category on memory alpha though


I have no idea what you’re talking about.

I’m a Star Wars kinda guy.



Star Wars is the bomb.



Worf would chin this twat and stick his force up his >bleep< :wink:


I am genuinely surprised.


It’s not a mini-skirt, it’s a “skant.” Stop laughing!


I love the look on the guys face. It screams “Look, an acting gig is an acting gig. I got bills to pay. Just wear the stupid miniskirt.”


There’s absolutely othing wrong or embarrasing about wearing a miniskirt.

For me.


My wife says I’ve got the legs for it :flushed:



Show, don’t tell.


It’s a skant.


Is that because everybody who sees it goes “Sssss…can’t wear that.”


Yeah, me too. The show was great, and so was Isaacs.


After Lost, the creation of new high concept shows was far more popular than actually watching them. Although I’d argue that Walking Dead took off in part because it was kind of like a version of what a lot of people had been expecting from Lost, the early bandwagon folk who were never interested in the Others being revealed to be a bunch of regular people, too. (Which is to my mind most of the reason so many fans turned on the third season so severely.) I may digress a tad…


This picture could only be improved by the presence of a lawnmower.


Don’t forget the ball cap.


Don’t be flippant, when James had his balls capped it was a serious and painful procedure.