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Star Trek: Discovery - discussing S01E15, "Will You Take My Hand?"



So when they say “uncut”, do they mean with all the proper visual effects kept, and not with new planets and stuff drawn on top of the proper images?



That video is almost enough to make me question my sexuality.


I haven’t watched too much Star Trek outside the original generation (my favorite) other than a few episodes of TNG and its films, but anyway I’m excited for the return of Star Trek to TV and I’m and going to give it a chance.


you should come join our Trek discussion thread! We pick an episode and watch and discuss, we’re currently doing the TNG episode The Measure of A Man


Some new stuff about Star Trek Discovery.


Thoughts on this are…
Not sure if I want 13 episodes serialising 1 story. Star Trek is a show that lends itself well to telling a story in one epsiode and you can easily develop characters over that time - they developed some one the best loved characters in the history of entertainment just fine in that format.
I worry that 13 epsiodes gives an excuse for lack of ideas and will lead to decompression.

At least with a shit epsiode you knew that next week you could get something completely different, a bit like Dr Who. If their choice of story across these 13 eps isn’t very interesting then we’re stuck with it for the full season.
Single epsiodes also gave the opportunity to showcase different characters and races.

I’d prefer a bit of a mix between the two, with an overarching plot - Deep Space Nine got the format spot on.


Vincenzo Natali is a very interesting choice of director, I hope some of his influence filters into his epsiodes as he’s a very inventive director.


It’s good to know there are some books and comics going to be released, but I think they should do them in the gap between series being aired. This will allow us to bride that gap if we want more and also maybe keep people going back to Netflix/CBS for rewatches.


I’m glad the tech won’t be more primitve than TOS.
We’ve had that already with Enterprise and even the movies have been a bit boring with their tech and general TOS reverence in the aesthetic of things.
The world has moved on a lot in terms of technology and this should the Next Generation following Next Generation - it’s going to look silly if there’s no evolution, don’t be using the timeline as an excuse for a lack of invention, ideas and pushing of the boundaries. Science fiction has always predicted the future in many ways, especially technology and Star Trek has done so often, that tradition needs to continue.



It will also be on Netflix.


Not in the US or Canada though.


I’m not a US Citizen so I can’t comment on that.


@davidm, how is this list for you?

The Top 5 Star Trek: The Original Series Episodes


I won’t speak for David…I know he is a fan of The Trouble of Tribbles, so that coming in at number 5 might be a problem.

It is a pretty solid list though.


I might quibble about the order, but all of these deserve a top 5 place. I might want Journey to Babel in there, but I honestly wouldn’t want to drop any of those 5 to make room for it.



NASA administrator Charles Bolden talks about the importance of Uhura and Sulu:


This is what is showing on the screen at NASA’s mission control today:


Did they slingshot around the Sun again?


I hope this works. It’s not really Trek without Majel Barrett as the voice of the computer.


The series has been pushed to May, and will no longer be the first original show on CBS All Access, with The Good Wife spin-off starting in February.