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Star Trek: Discovery - discussing S01E12, "Vaulting Ambition"


We’re missing the important information; Klingons are mammals, at least the flashbacky sex nightmares suggests so.

Good episode, we all knew, from about halfway through, that some kind of cosmic shit was gonna hit some kind of inter-dimensional fan, it was just a matter of how that played out?

Lorca looked like he’s winning, so that couldn’t last either. I’m surprised he wasn’t starring down the barrel of a court marshal in order to give him some ambivalence about getting home again?

Also; the Klingon outfits do inhibit their ability to move, which didn’t help the fight-to-the-death-but-not-quite.

Still a good episode and I’m waiting, with anticipation, to see where this goes in January?

Probably worth editing the thread title? Since we’re discussing the mid-season finale?


He was one last job away from retirement, dammit!

And then this happened:



This is a spoiler thread. So.

I was surprised (in a good way) that they blew up the Ship of the Dead.

Tyler has been completely worked over, but I still suspect there’s a lot more to what we’re seeing in flashback. I think Voq is still lurking in there. The scenes with him and the Admiral with the PTSD reactions were well done.

I have been surprised by how caught up in the tendernesses of Burnham, Tyler and Stamets I’ve got. It’s a shame the character of the doctor is relatively poorly written/acted, but Stamets’ “I love you” really got me. The telegraphing towards Stamets dying was so strong I was relieved when he didn’t.

Lorca. Dear god, Lorca. Manipulating Stamets for 133 jumps is the job. Manipulating him for the 134th, and then sabotaging that jump is something else. Increasingly of the opinion that the Buran story, and Cornwall’s “you’re a different man” comment, are likely to be playing into something specific - Mirror Universe Lorca seems a tempting theory really. Lorca’s secret mapping (which clearly surprises Stamets before he is distracted by his own scientific idealism), “let’s go home” …

(Jason Isaacs is great though)

I do wonder whether we’re heading for a reality-altering eventual conclusion. I wonder whether all of the Mirror Universe cracks we see in later stories are the residual cracks of whatever Discovery spore-jumping across the Universe are causing.

Also - WHY didn’t Lorca want Burnham on the Away Team. It makes no apparent sense (yet)


I thought the ending might be about the Discovery now being in the original Star Trek universe, or in that of the new movies. You know, one of the ones we knew about before.


As to the episode itself… I don’t know. I liked that things progressed this quickly and that the Ship of the Dead is done with, but I really didn’t think Tyler’s stuff was well done or… well, basically anything. There was a lot of expositionary dialogue (“These thingies hide our human life signals” - next line: “Our thingies are now active and hide our human life signals and make us appear as Klingons”) and most of the developments didn’t feel like they were really earned, but pushed along by the plot.

It was alright. I did like the cliffhanger and am looking forward to what’s coming next.


I think I became immune to expositionary technobabble long ago, due to early vaccination. It just washes over me now.


… I mean, if you’re going to let the technical issues bother you, there’s the fact that Discovery could detect the cloaked Ship of the Dead entering Pahvo space on long-range sensors but, um, can’t see it when it’s right in front of it.


Never mind the technical issues, the whole plan was crazy.

“Captain, I have a hare-brained scheme for our covert operation."

“It’s not hare-brained enough, let’s add beeping sensors.”

“Ok, but only if we can make them gigantic.”


Oh, and then there was the Admiral, she of the certified medical pedigree:

“This man is a babbling, sweaty mess on the brink of collapse! I know this one, wait… um… shock, yes, that’s it!”

Seriously, I hope this is building towards Lorca turning heel just so he can turn around and lay into all the rest of them for being a bunch of numpties.


Yeah, there’s a bit too much of that in DISCO; it’s lazy and easily avoidable. Running aound an alien ship planting huge flashing-light things undetected? Try and break into the engine manufactory I work at, even as a non-alien.

I found the episode quite bitsa. Bitsa brilliant stuff; bitsa lazy or schmaltzy bollocks.

I love that theory.

Lorca is awesome. “Yeah, right. You want me to come home and pin a medal on me, and not remove me from the most important thing Starfleet has because I’m the most dangerous man in the Alpha Quadrant.”

And Tyler is misremebering the sex, possibly due to a volunteered memory wipe, because that was when he was Klingon? The torture is his conversion to human? Maybe?

All-in-all, DISCO’s doing well. There’s the normal minor dodgy stuff, depending on the writer, but that’s more than outweighed by some great ideas, decent characters, and plenty of anticipation.


I do like the theory that Lorca has been playing everyone the whole time. His intention was never to win the war or even to wage one but rather to figure out the spore drive to be able to travel parallel universes (and possibly even to go home to one). If that is the case then presumably this all boils down to Burnham leading another mutiny to stop Lorca doing harm, only this time with support and justification. And with success, I guess. Has Isaacs signed up for anything beyond this season?


At 99p, it would be rude not to…


So do you think Tyler’s the Albino Klingon, the torchbearer (or whatever they call them?)

I didn’t think of it like that. Till you mentioned it and it sort of fits with her telling ‘Tyler’ to serve! It’s that or they’ve just formed a bond through the torture etc but I’d much be more interested if the former was the approach


I’d prefer it if he’s human and more messed up than he admits to himself most of the time. Having him be a sleeper agent will work though.


I’m not really sure why anyone would think Discovery is in any way connected to the Mirror Universe. Everything is pretty distinctly Mirror Universe in the Mirror Universe. The big clue is that no one is calling the Federation the Empire. We know that it would already be called the Empire, since it was in Enterprise, which revealed the change in the timeline occurred during First Contact (Cochrane leads humans to shoot the Vulcans rather than greet them; I choose to believe this is what happens if Picard and crew aren’t involved in those events). The “In a Mirror, Darkly” episodes even had Hoshi manipulate her way into becoming Empress. (It also should go without saying that if you’ve never seen Deep Space Nine’s Mirror Universe episodes, you ought to correct that oversight.)

I think it’s reasonable to assume we can take these adventures at face value.

And that Tyler was just exposed, once and for all, as the Torchbearer.

And that we saw Klingon boobs.


They’re not all boobs; some Klingons are quite intelligent. Oh, wait…


Finally got around to watching the finale. Like the rest of the season it was pretty uneven but I liked it more than I did the other episodes. This was the first time I really liked Rapp’s performance so I’m hoping he’s dead now.


Nah, he’s going to do a Wesley Crusher and evolve into a ‘traveller’ using the mycelian network.


I meant ‘not dead’ but ‘off the show’ would have been a better way to go.


I should add that the captain spraying his eyes so he could watch the Klingon ship explode was one of the most badass moments Star Trek has ever had.


The main problem I had with this episode was the contrived need for Rapp to pilot during the encounter with the Klingons. The whole point was that he was needed for large jumps because of spatial drift but the ship could handle small jumps just fine, they had done numerous small ones just fine. They tried to hand wave it away but it still felt totally forced.