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Star Trek: Discovery - discussing S01E12, "Vaulting Ambition"


Thoroughly enjoyed this one as well. It’s another episode that shows how the writers really get the Vulcans, both in terms of their general dickheadishness, how they can be logical and violent extremists at the same time, and how Sarek is frequently someone who has to wrestle with his emotions and never show it - especially to his family. His exchange with Burnham at the end was wonderful.

Outside of that, the Lorca/Cornwall plot was pretty by the numbers. I half expected him to have her killed, but at the same time I wonder if he suggested she took Sarek’s place suspecting it was a trap? And the obvious question at the end is whether he’s decided to not rescue her on his own initiative to keep command of Discovery, or because he’s making an effort to honour her wish to not act without orders?

Other highlights:
Burnham and Tilly’s DISCO T-Shirts. I will buy one and wear it to troll the haters
Tripped out Stamets is amazing.
Does the food synthesiser try and guilt you if you request junk food?
Tyler fights like a Klingon
Though if he’s not Voq in a humansuit, he’s pretty cool.


The disco shirts are pretty stupid. And I REALLY wish they’d kill Tilly already, what an obnoxious character. She constantly takes me off the show with her horribly written personality (I blame the writers not the actress).


I liked the episode, but it felt more formulaic than before.

I find these Vulcans to be a bit stilted, rather than cold. I wonder if Frain might do better without the American accent? Does it get in his way? Vulcan’s are tricky to get right. I’ve seen some very good actors miss the mark.

I think Vulcan’s are best played space Victorian Englishmen; all repression layered over self righteous conviction and more than a little condescension at times.

I don’t think that’s in doubt at all. He’s doing it for his own ends, even if he believes that no-one could handle the job of commanding Discovery and fighting the Klingons.

The Klingon mission was too convenient, it gave Lorca a potential solution, which worked out for him. What if that opportunity hadn’t been there? Of if it hadn’t been a trap? Those are questions we probably won’t get answers to.


That’s pretty much how I see them here, though the performance of the actors insn’t always perfect. The bit with Sarek and the head of the Vulcan Expedition Group, where the head has his little pointed line about an emotional response was a perfecty little dig along those lines.


I thought the vulcan headmaster was pretty good.

And I like Frain in other things, I’m just not with him as Sarek.




That didn’t take long.


The renewal, or me deciding to use that Tilly GIF for everything awesome?


Well, given that the internet declared that this a failure before anyone saw it, getting a second season is a pretty decent achievement.

Tilly obviously.


“What we need is a super-secret organization that no one can know even exists to operate outside the strict codes and directives of the Federation.”

“Sounds good. What color should their badges be?”


I just had a flashback to Star Trek: The Next Generation.


Having watched After Trek (in part) I kind of think CBS realize that by NOT making Star Trek they are losing money. It’s a TV show that will just always have turnover - TOS is still making money, as is Enterprise… It’s a franchise that is so big now it will be profitable long term even if no one watches it at the time.

They are putting a lot of effort into the world building so they are looking long term and I think it manages to be a very open version of Trek that I can recommended to people who don’t necessarily like Trek. It’s a fine line they are skirting well so far.

Overall I think we could easily see 7-10 seasons easily enough, even if it’s not a massive success in terms of viewership week by week.

Edit: It helps that this show doesn’t need to perform to advertising budgets and constraints. In the past, that’s where Trek has become too expensive to carry farther (Though they have plod on regardless in the case of DS9 and Voyager knowning it would make money long term).


I’ve been thinking a lot about the fan reaction to TNG’s early years. I wonder if DISCO will end up having a Best of Both Worlds moments in a few years.


It’s still patchy, but that’s hardly surprising. I think it’s doing far better than expected so far though.


Neither, just that the GIF was set up quick.


I’d seen them within half an hour of watching the episode last week.


It will still need to perform to certain metrics in order to keep going. What those metrics are, we don’t know. I’m sure it has something to do with new subscribers the show brings in and number of views for the episodes. Even Netflix cancels shows that do not meet their performance standards. At some point, the show will not produce the desired return and it will end.

While TNG, DS9 and VOY ran for 7 seasons, I’m not sure STD will go for that long. In this age of Peak TV, the better shows seem to go for relatively shorter runs with small episode counts per season in order to maintain a higher level of quality. Besides, this show can’t be cheap to make and its costs will only go up.

I can see STD going about 5 seasons. It will have enough time to tell it’s story and not completely break the bank.


Half an hour? That’s slow!


Shhhhh. You are a bad person with bad thoughts.

Those Disco shirts are the best.

The internet does that.