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Star Trek: Discovery - discussing S01E12, "Vaulting Ambition"


Is it? As I said, just from the review it seemed like the obvious twist. Maybe not being enmeshed in the show makes it seem clearer.

(Or maybe I just watched too many episodes of the Outer Limits reboot. They used that twist like half a dozen times. )


I thought this sounded familiar:


2nd attempt at watching the most recent episode has failed

“That’s so fucking cool” isn’t very fucking cool

I feel I can see the executives contrived decisions behind every part of this.

Next time I’ll try sober


Is this an actual line in the ep? Because that ain’t good.

If Trek starts using ‘fucking’ out goes the great tradition of alternative swearwords, it’s the death of Frell, Frack, Grud - OK so some do deserve to die, but that trio is quite neat.

Don’t think Trek should be going for Premier League cursing.


Last week’s episode of Discovery did indeed use the fuck word. But whenever there’s been swearing in Trek it’s been a real-world swear, and the show was rated Mature Audiences specifically so they could push the envelope.


Coming soon…

Captain, we have visual comms, how do you want to do this?

Lorca walks up to the screen, flips the new race the bird.

“We’re here, we’re exploring - you don’t like it? Too fucking bad.”


See, I’d watch the shit out of that.


The Trek Of It

“Beam the fuck down or fuck the fuck off.”


Go and read Willful Child, do not pass go, do not collect £200.


See, I really don’t think that’s the way it’s going, and it’s not how it played out. They’re still Starfleet - they still hold to the basic way Starfleet officers conduct themselves - but occasionally a character/moment means that slips. Picard’s done it, Data’s done it. It’s really not the End of the Trek World.

My theory is they stuck it in there to act as a lightning rod for the perpetually aggrieved to distract them from the bathroom scene :grin:

“GAYS! GAYS! There’s GAYS! In SPACE! It’s the end of the … wait, did she just say “FUCK”? IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD!”

(I do think the actual writing in the “fuck” scene was overly clumsy, but don’t have an issue with Starfleet officers using the word on principle)


There are people boycotting the show because the Klingon D-7 looks different. I swear to Bob, fans don’t deserve nice things.


To boldly go where no one has fucking gone before.


That’s one of those sentences where you can have loads of fun putting “fucking” in different parts of the sentence so it modifies slightly differently.


Well, Kirk hasn’t turned up yet, so plenty of unshagged aliens still to do.

You know, there might actually be something to that - I recently saw the most extraordinary blow-up over gay characters in Star Wars, it escalated very fast into some very nasty territory, compared to which, Trek using ‘fuck’ is so, so very minor.

I do intend to look at the new series, but when there’s a good batch of eps. I suspect it’ll practically have the same effect on the story as ‘shit’ did on Into Darkness, i.e. none. (Though some might see that particular swearword as an accurate summary of the film. :wink: )


It’s not so much the use of the word it’s more the situation it was used in.

I feel I can totally see the thought process of the writers in it, it stuck out like a sore thumb and it felt contrived, cringeworthy and immature to be be honest.

And I love swearing.


I think it’s just some people equate swearing with being grownup.

Fourteen year old boys and TV Showrunners mostly.


I thought it was quite in-character, myself. Tilly has a tendency to blurt out everything, she was excited, and she apologised right after, only for Stamets to tell her it was OK. As @Mike noted, it’s not unknown for Trek characters to swear - OG Kirk called the Klingons bastards after they killed David in Search for Spock; Picard said merde a few times early in TNG, Data said oh shiiiiiit as the Enterprise crashed in Generations, O’Brien said bollocks near the end of DS9 - and that’s leaving aside the mild swearing in nuTrek.


I don’t mind swearing if it feels natural and justified, but this felt neither. It felt as though the whole point of the scene was to show that they could swear.

They might as well have gone the whole hog, Lee & Herring ‘cool teacher’ style, and have them turn to the audience and say “that’s right Star Trek viewers, we did just say Fuck”, then nod to themselves smugly.


Agree more or less; I think it was in character for that character, but it was clumsily handled and yes, a large part of it came across as a knowing fourth-wall breaking mugging to camera.


They should change it to:

That’s sofa king cool