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Star Trek: Discovery - discussing S01E12, "Vaulting Ambition"


Just once it would be great to hear it in the background reading the football scores.


With vidiprinter sound effect.


Last night I finally put my finger on what the main Star Trek: Discovery theme reminds me of. It’s just a snatch of the melody, but it felt really familiar to me. These are both cued up at the similar-sounding parts.


Also: bloody hell, that was Clem Fandango wasn’t it?


As for the difference between Discovery Mudd and TOS Mudd, I submit this humble opinion: he simply went mad in-between. Y’know, for some reason…


So has everyone heard the bonkers yet plausible theory about the show? If not, do people want a suitably spoiler tagged discussion about it?


Of course I will click on any and every spoiler tag!

Can I do spoiler tags on my phone ?
Edit: Winner!


square brackets, not round!


So we’ve been watching the mirror universe all along?


OK, so get this.

Shazad Letif, who’s playing Ash Tyler was originally cast as a Klingon, specifically T’Kuvma’s right-hand man, Kol. But then they announced he’d play a human instead, and Kol was renamed Voq, and would be played by Javid Iqbal - who has been listed in the closing credits of each episode he appeared in.

So here’s the things. First, if you google Javid Iqbal, you get Star Trek (and a Pakistani serial killer). There are no other roles credited to him, and his IMDB only has photos of him in full makeup.

Second, the last time we saw Voq, he and L’Rell were on the wreck of USS Shenzhou, with L’Rell telling him he could still fight against the Federation, but there would be great hardship.

Letif is a main cast member, but didn’t show up until episode 5, on a prison ship captained by L’Rell, with no sign of Voq. L’Rell says she’s descended from spies, and has a facility for languages.

As seen in The Trouble with Tribbles, the Klingons have technology able to make a Klingon virtually indistinguishable from a human

So, is Shazad Letif actually playing Voq, a Klingon disguised as a human named Ash Tyler?

Javid is apparently derived from the Persian word for eternal, and Iqbal is Persian for Luck. Eternal Luck = Live Long and Prosper?

Like I said, this is bonkers as fuck, but also oddly plausible. I don’t think anyone is of the opinion that Tyler is on the level…


Yeah, that’s pretty much what I said… pretty cool if true!


Yeah I agreed (in my head) that was very plausible when @saga mentioned it. The whole thing in question didn’t add up - plus the scenes from next week on After Trek made him seem even more like something wasn’t right. The whole time aspect is also skewered - how could she have had time to take a shine to a human…


This would certainly warrant a rewatch of “Choose Your Pain,” and also add another level to that title…


That is very plausible.
Something is up in that department, no matter what (I figured right away), so this is the leading theory.


If that is true, it would be awesome.


Until he’s invited into Lorca’s ready room. Then there’ll be tribble.



I was reading a review of the episode recently, I haven’t watched it yet, and that seemed like the obvious twist from their description.


I think everyone is assuming Tyler is up to no good, but the idea that he’s literally Voq in a humansuit is the crazy part


As an aside, you can usually tell if Mrs. J likes a TV show if she gives it a nickname. For example Star Wars Rebels is Space Rangers in Space. Among her favourite shows are Heavenly Biddy, Doyle’s War and The Scottish Detective (don’t try Googling any of them…).

This week she asked about Star Trek Skullduggery.