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Star Trek: Beyond looks brilliant BUT...


Definitely the latter. I think we would all have to fit them in where we could and discuss them the following week.


Mods - Any problems with us starting a new spoiler thread for things Trekkie?

Presumably we need to start with Star Trek Beyond though?


Feel free to boldly go where no posters have gone before!


That makes sense, then we can convert it after a couple of weeks and go chronologically from the beginning once everyone who wants on board is on board.


@ChrisS you want to hold off a few weeks on your rewatch and go at the same time?


Shiny new thread


At three episodes per week it will take us four and a half years. Four episodes a week knocks a more than a year off that.

I think we should either probably ignore voyager and Enterprise entirely, for the meantime or have three normal episodes from TOS, TNG and DS9 and, separately, a non-mandatory episode of Enterprise or Voyager to pull apart like the vultures we are.

Edit: saw the new thread but put this here in case people don’t enter the other one yet because spoilers


I like to see my wife from time to time. And to sleep. I will try to keep up.

Good Lord :scream: What have I got myself into?


Most of us are pretty busy, will we stick to two episodes just and ignore Voyager and Enterprise? My thinking was I could cope with three in a Sunday afternoon 2 hr omnibus.


Hello mate.

Aye that sounds good to me.
We doing the full shebang? From Original Series onwards? Sounds like a fun idea…


I was kidding.

Let’s play it by ear and see how we get on.[quote=“ChrisS, post:323, topic:5960”]
We doing the full shebang? From Original Series onwards? Sounds like a fun idea…

Fun, but with just a hint of madness.

Maniacal laugh. Maniacal laugh.


I actually watched The Cage not too long ago, so I’m already ahead!


Sounds good. The final front ear I hope.


I’ll just leave this ear -dammit- here.


That sir, is just amazing :astonished:


I am down for this (or up, since it space those sorts of directions don’t matter).
I’ve never managed to go through all of them in order before so that would be neat.
My friend used this guide on some website that put every single episode into stardate order and watched them like that, with the movies at the appropriate points.


Because it has more “bits” in it, I can often remember THE VOYAGE HOME better than the other films. There are large sections of WRATH OF KHAN and THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK that I just can’t recall, but I can always remember:


I rewatched the Trek movies in sequence a few years ago, and posted about it here at the time. And one thing that struck me was how slow they were compared to modern movies. Wrath of Khan is seen as this tense game of cat-and-mouse between Kirk and Khan, but they don’t encounter each other for the first 45 minutes of the movie. Similarly, The Motion Picture is about halfway done before the Enterprise reaches V’Ger in the first place.

The pace does pick up for the the later TOS-era movies, but they’re still quite slow compared even to First Contact, where the Enterprise and Borg have already travelled back in time by 25 minutes in.


Slow is putting it mildly. I almost felt like I was the one who travelled through a black hole to a machine planet.

Also. I bet all of my latinum that Decker sits on a stool just like Riker does.


It also made fun of the concept and the characters and made it look stupid to some extent, which people who are familiar with Trek but are not actually fans of it responded to. I think we saw that kind of success duplicated with Deadpool this year for similar reasons.