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Star Trek: Beyond looks brilliant BUT...


… the soundtrack on this trailer is the most shockingly obtrusive I’ve ever seen. The movie feels like a silent movie being screened in the background. We need to stop having all science fiction pictures having contemporary rock soundtracks. Guardians did it brilliantly now leave well alone, Hollywood:


Needs more lens flare.


Both Guardians and Suicide Squad did it well because, for one, they were well known songs, and two, the beats were timed with the action in the trailer, so it was a nice effect.

This, as you say, feels like im watching a trailer with the sound off and listening to music through my headphones.


Isn’t that a fan-made edit of the first trailer with a new song completely dubbed over the top? Which accounts for the effect described. :slight_smile:

The original trailer has ‘Sabotage’ all the way through it, and works better.


It’s still kinda lame though. And it still makes me think of nuTrek as Dawson’s Creek in space.


Before X-Men yesterday there were four trailers. Independence Day 2, Warcraft, TMNT 2 and Alice Through The Looking Glass. Most of them looked like incomprehensible CGI heavy messes but both Alice and TMNT 2 basically relied on using good songs to get mediocre looking films over. Which is just cheating.
I have utterly no interest in Alice but that rock version of White Rabbit had me thinking “hey, this is pretty cool.” Same with TMNT 2. Looks pretty dreadful, but No Sleep Till Brooklyn is a great song (and the image of a humanoid rhino driving a mini-tank helps).


Are you not a little concerned that you’re so easily swayed by the music in a trailer despite being completely uninterested in the material and at the same time being 100% aware of the fact? I’m imagining Rowdy Roddy Piper putting on the glasses and saying “Huh, OK cool”.


A lot of people are saying this is a fan-edit, which has me saying two words: Thank God.

I’m really looking forward to this movie. It’s been a very, very uneven couple of years for blockbusters in a time when we’ve never had so many. My favourite movies this year were Grimsby and Zoolander 2 and if you’d emailed me this post six months ago I’d have said you were mental.

I’ve enjoyed the super-flicks this year and last from 3 stars down to 1 star whereas 2014 had three 5 star movies: Winter Soldier, DOFP and the best of the lot with Guardians. The very best this year and last merely pretty good, which is a far cry from 2000 to 2014 where I left the cinema being wowed most times.



It’s those damned subliminal messages in the rock music! I bet if we played those trailers backwards, we’d see some real dodgy stuff.


You should give the Jungle Book a shot, if you haven’t already. It’s ferociously charming, and a lot of fun.


I think this year has been great so far – Zoolander 2 and Grimsby would be very very low on my list.

Zootopia was great, Jungle Book was great - I enjoyed Civil War muchly… there was another similar movie that came out that I saw I guess … Deadpool was great. Hail, Caesar was great.

Lots of good Oscar stuff … Hateful Eight … Revenant. 10 Cloverfield was a fun little sneak attack.

And there’s tons of stuff im pumped to see. Dory, Apocalypse, Strange, Suicide Squad, Rogue One.

Mind you, there’s a ton of stuff that looks like it misses the mark too.


I think Star Trek and the Nice Guys are going to scratch the itch left behind by comic book movies. I have plans to see both with a friend and I think we’re going to laugh a fair bit and have a really good time.


Civil War was okay, BVS terrible, Hateful 8 the first Tarantino I’ve ever struggled to get through. Rogue One I’m very, very, very excited about. Zootropolis was indeed amazing.Loved Jungle Book too, but neither had been as anticipated for me as the other stuff. Apocalypse I’m seeing today and have high hopes for.



That’s what I thought. It seems to have lost some resolution too. Looking at the guy’s Youtube feed, it looks like he’s done this to a lot of trailers.

Maybe you do need a check up. What was the crazy horrible film you raved about last year? :wink:


Mad Max: Fury Road?

Ex Machina?

Oh wait! I remember it was the one where the amateur joins the secret service …

… I think it was called Spy :smiley:


I just see the use of what we see as contemporay rock tracks as showing that Kirk’s a bit of a nostalgia freak. Listening to his stuffy classical music about the buttocks.


There’s one more day to go before the new Star Trek trailer but maybe it will have an even worse soundtrack than that effort.

Will be interesting to see what the rest of you make of Apocalypse.


I can’t wait for both!


I’m going to see it on Friday. I don’t have high hopes, mostly because I didn’t like many of the previous X movies and Apocalypse looks like a soda stream. But we’ll see.


To be honest, I always thought Ship looked like a Soda Stream back in the day, so at least there’s some continuity there.