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I saw Dara O Briain again on Friday night, and somehow didn’t realise when I booked it seven months ago that my ticket was for front-row center. :grimacing:

Thankfully, he didn’t call on me, though he did to people on either side of me. There didn’t seem to be quite as much crowd work this time, probably as we were in a 4,000-seat tent, and he could barely hear the people responding to him.

It was interesting to see what stuff he changed from Dublin. Some of it was Dublin-specific, some bits he had changed the phrasing of a bit. He also did a decent amount calling back to his previous shows down here (last time he played the tent, there was torrential flooding, with water running down the aisles, and when he played the city a few months ago a couple were thrown out by the police).


Saw Dave Gorman last night. His show was essentially a 90 min version of his TV show with a tiny bit more swearing. It was pretty good. Wasn’t rolling in the ailse laughing but he was still pretty funny.


Christel and I are going to see Gabriel Iglesias Thursday night.


He’s probably the most likeable comedian in history.




Bill Bailey still rocks.


I haven’t seen him since he last did Part Troll here years ago. It was after the DVD had come out. Laura, Mark, Aoife and I went as a group but Aoife didn’t know some of us had already seen the show, so she was unnerved when I knew the lyrics to Augenblick and sang along.


… and saw Daniel Sloss tonight, who was brilliant (in the downstairs bar of the Soho Theatre, which is a perfectly sized space for his sort of routine)