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I’m seeing her a week on Saturday. Looking forward to it.


I wasn’t that familiar with her other than spots on the Now Show and Just a Minute on BBC Radio4, but I really enjoyed her Netflix special.


What is brilliant. I think he was a lot more prolific on social media like Vine before Make Happy and did have an MTV show and toured a fair bit. He seems to struggle with the concept of entertaining people in general so I guess it’s difficult to break out of that and accept certain elements of what you need to do in order to perform to people as a ‘famous’ comic, much like Stewart Lee, whereas Lee doesn’t come from an affluent background so had to (and has to) earn by working every single night, live, whereas Burnham doesn’t have that need so seems disgusted at himself for earning money as an ‘entertainer.’

Content Provider hits some of the same areas as Make Happy, actually, and I do think Burnham’s next show will be political to some degree, I can’t see how what’s happening irl won’t affect his writing in some way. He has been in some films with bit parts this year and I doubt he did one Netflix special without a contract for more so hopefully we will see more stuff soon.


Saw the clips and am now watching a bit more of what.

He’s very, very good.


What is free on Youtube and Make Happy is on Netflix for anyone looking to watch (What is also on Netflix). Both are fantastic, but Make Happy is slightly more accomplished. There is an earlier show I haven’t been able to track down, I can’t think of the name off hand.

He’s extremely on point with a lot of stuff, there’s a soft (country-ish) rock song in the charts right now that is so close to his country song parody it’s hard to listen to without replacing the words to it with Burnham’s lyrics. The song “From God’s Perspective” is so on the money, too.


Just about to cook dinner. Will fire up the old Netflixy machine and give that go. Thanks chief.


I may throw on What for a while myself. I have watched both specials three times but he’s very re-watchable!

Edit: Also, you’re very welcome :grinning:


I haven’t listened yet, but Audible have a bunch of stand-up recorded at the Edinburgh Fringe up for free:


This was last night.

She was really good - her shows have a really nice unforced conversational vibe, to the extent that a lot of people in the audience felt comfortable enough to shout back answers fairly regularly, leading to a fair bit of unscripted interaction and some pretty funny adlibs - and her core material was solid, without deviating too much from the kind of stuff she has done in the past.

My only real complaint is that there was too little of it - after a (pretty good) support act at 8pm and an interval at 8:30, she came on stage at 9pm and finished her act couple of minutes before 10.

Barely an hour of material feels a bit slight (especially when the last five or ten minutes was an odd double-act with her eight-year old daughter that didn’t work for me and clearly felt a bit weird/inappropriate for many in the crowd). I’m used to comedians doing maybe half as much again, and was fully expecting her to walk back out for an encore that never came.

So a bit like nouvelle cuisine really: what we got was great, I just wish the portion size was a bit bigger.


This is an interesting article about double-acts that split up, and how and why it happened.


Stewart Lee’s Content Provider show last night was bloody brilliant. It seems to be rambling and all off the cuff but the moments when it all comes together and reveals itself to be a tightly written piece of work are magnificent. Also, it was funny when his trousers fell down.


Got a good view for Katherine Ryan tonight.

May be brave and take a photo during the actual show (she says it’s ok in the opening preamble).


So I took picture during the set. But even when you’re explicitly told it’s ok to, it feels a little awkward when you’re right at the front and directly in the eyeline, so here’s a picture from when Katherine was down the other end of the stage, which doesn’y do her vagina trousers justice.

It was a really great show. Not desperately long (about an hour, with a support act of 20-30 minutes), but solidly entertaining stuff.