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I agree there’s a definite connection between acting out a character and doing stand up, for a lot of comedians anyway. Both Bill Burr and Louis CK are good actors, Bill Burr was great in Breaking Bad and Louis is a fantastic actor in his own show Louie. Doug Stanhope also appeared in Louie as a suicidal comedian and he was brilliant.


Just booked tickets to see Katherine Ryan (:heart:) later this year. Looking forward to that.


Lucky! I saw her in Cheltenham on her last but one tour (which was a late added second date there at the end of the tour) and she’s not been back since.


Yeah, I only saw today that she had new tour dates available, and luckily there were a couple of venues near me, so I managed to grab tickets for a Saturday night. Should be fun.


I’ve no idea who things guy is but this is a perfect example of comedy timing!


I thought this was an interesting article on Daniel Kitson’s current act (a comedian who I’ve never seen, but who I’ve heard a lot about over the years).

It’s quite a good article and touches on some of the issues we’ve discussed here in the past about the degree to which artists’ use of offensive terms or imagery can be justified by the context in which they’re used. It offers quite a balanced view and ultimately concludes that Kitson’s act doesn’t justify the language he plays with.

I haven’t seen it so I can’t judge one way or the other, but I thought it was a fairly good attempt to explore the issues around stand-ups who choose to explore such sensitive subjects.


Booked tickets for Stewart Lee’s new show in March. He starts touring it in September so I imagine he’ll have the act down to a fine art by the time he gets round to us in the last week of the seven month tour.


I think that’s Content Provider, the show he’s been doing this year too (he said he was going to tour it for 18 months). It’s a fantastic show, I hope you enjoy it.


Yeah. Content Provider is the show. Really looking forward to it already!


I’m reading his book of the same name (a collection of his various magazine and newspaper columns over the past few years - not related to the show really, other than the name) at the moment. It’s very funny, particularly the way it includes some choice below-the-line comments from several of his columns (most of which miss the point entirely).

A fun read and the format makes it a good book to dip into every now and then.


The World’s Highest-Paid Comedians 2017: Jerry Seinfeld Returns To The Top Spot



Saw it tonight. Was fantastic. Tears down my face three times.


So I ended up talking about Bo Burnham to people I was with at Stewart Lee last night as the only other comedian who is beyond the confines of basic stand up, his act being satirical and introspectively comedic like Lee, but with a different style.

I’ve been a fan of his for about two years but it’s kind of like bringing friends to Stewart Lee if they don’t know who he is… I very rarely recommend him to anyone for fear it wastes their time as they simply don’t get the satire/comedy. But seeing as I have the links ready, I’ll share them here, too.

I’d describe him as Steve Martin if Steve Martin had the sensibilities of Stewart Lee (there’s more ‘performance’ and silliness in his sets). I think even at 26 he’s close to being as good as Lee. But then that’s me and I wouldn’t force him on anyone :sweat_smile:

Also I meant to say to you a few times @SimonJones (and may have, I have a terrible memory) but I think you’d quite enjoy him. There’s a definite element of Tom Lehrer when he gets behind a piano.


You had me at “Steve Martin if Steve Martin had the sensibilities of Stewart Lee”…


While it’s great to hear the show is good all this has done is reminded me it’s still 5½ months away! :anguished:


That’s exactly how far away my Katherine Ryan gig is! A gig in Cheltenham town hall on Gold Cup day. It’s amazing how often comedians book that day, but never the Irish ones.


That’s because they’re all in their local pub getting hammered that day!!

Just remember that I ended up paying over 200 quid seeing it as I ended up having to give away work that night, so at least you’re getting a good price :joy:


No, it’s because they’re all in the pubs in Cheltenham getting hammered along with another 80% of the population of Ireland.


I quite liked what. I really wish the guy would be a bit more prolific, though.