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I used to be a bit of a comedy geek when I was younger, and as I’ve mentioned before Stewart Lee is a particular favourite.

Mustard have recently posted a very long and in-depth interview with him that I thought might be of interest to other stand-up comedy fans.

There’s even a comics connection - Alan Moore comes up quite a bit (and even contributes questions at one point), and MM gets namechecked too.


The Moore interview itself is well worth checking out too, although not quite as recent (I think its latest sections come from December 2014).


I’m not a huge stand-up guy. I wish I was but I can’t really get into it.

My favorite comedian of the last decade or so is probably the late Patrice O’Neal. His “Elephant in the Room” special (linked to in full) is for me the best special of recent years, even better than Louis CK’s.


I’ve seen Stewart Lee a couple of time live over the past few years. He really is brilliant. I really hope his Comedy Vehicle show gets a fourth season on the BBC.


It’s already been confirmed - it was renewed for series three and four at the same time. It should be on later this year I think.

I like Lee’s stuff a lot - I’ve seen him live a couple of times (including back in the old Fist Of Fun days) and always follow his stuff. His Jerry Spinger opera was one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had at a theatre.


Ray Mearns is the best stand up to come out of Scotland in my lifetime. All ad-libbed West Coast brilliance. Well worth going out your way to see his stuff.


Stewart Lee is certainly the master of the game.

I missed him somehow on his 90’s rise to TV success (guess I must have been busy that decade), but his live show 90’s Comedian was a real game changer - a masterclass in toilet humour, comedic construction, and what happens when satirists are accused of blasphemy. It’ll never be broadcast ANWHERE but you can still pick it up on a very reasonably priced DVD if you are open minded enough.

I’d also recommend Lee’s book ‘How I Escaped My Certain Fate…’ which gives an insight to both his comedy and a very modern business model.


Stewart Lee is fantastic, I usually can’t be doing with stand-up comedy (I suppose this is because I only ever see the drivel that gets broadcast on the BBC), but I make an effort to see as much of his stuff as I can. As a writer he’s just excellent, he’s a really unique voice, never fails to get a laugh from me. I find myself rewatching his shows and DVDs frequently, which is something I rarely do with any sort of comedy.


How I Escaped My Certain Fate is a great read - one of the best books I’ve read in terms of getting into the nuts and bolts of how and why a well-constructed comedy routine works.

The interview I linked to suggests that he’s still planning to write a book on the business aspects of comedy at some point, which could be illuminating.

And I was lucky enough to see the '90s Comedian tour live - one of the best nights out I can remember.


RIP Big guy. He was hilarious!


Anyone ever watched a Jim Jeffries stand-up? Best in the world? I think so.

His latest stand up show is available on Netflix.


Jim Jefferies name dropped me at the Hotel Sask to get free drinks a few weeks ago. (We met him after his show in Regina. He was really nice.) He and Tommy Campbell were drinking at the Monarch Lounge later that night (a place I happen to be VIP) and I was chatting with Tommy on twitter (He PM’d me because he asked me for a pic of my girlfriend LOL) and I got them hooked up with a buddy of mine who was working that night. (I took screen shots of the PMs but they’re on my phone. I’ll have to get them later.) So yeah, a celebrity name dropped me. I’m kind of a big deal. lol

I love stand up. New stuff I really enjoy is Ari Shaffir, Burt Kreischer, Bill Burr, Jim Jefferies, Tom Segura, Joey Diaz. Louis CK.

If you haven’t seen Ari’s show, “This Is Not Happening” you should check it out. Comics telling true stories and it’s hilarious.


I think the first comedy show I ever went to was Jerry Seinfeld’s first ever appearance in the UK. Hard act to follow.




How was Bill Bailey @Bruce?


I had meant to resurrect this thread to post my thoughts about and to moan about the fact I missed out on getting tickets to see Rich Hall live at a small local venue.

Bill Bailey was… ok. Laughed throughout the act but I very much got the feeling that this was the same show that was done every night of the tour. Any bits with audience participation felt like they’d have been the same regardless of location. The structure of the show was a haphazard too. I’d listened to the Scroobius Pip podcast with Stewart Lee recently and had been thinking about the structure of his work and Bailey’s work was nowhere near as tight or clever. I don’t want every show to be like that mind you (Ross Nobel’s fully improved show was on of the best stand ups I’ve ever been to) but something just didn’t click about the show as a whole. I must emphasise I did enjoy the show though but it seems that I enjoyed Bailey a lot more the first time I saw him. Maybe his work just doesn’t stand up to repeated viewing.


I’ve felt similarly about Bailey for a while now. I like his stuff and I admire his musicianship but his routines don’t feel as inspired or energetic as they once did.

I’d love to see Stewart Lee again next time he comes around - I missed out on tickets for the latest tour. But then again I’m not sure the bigger venues he’s doing now would compare to seeing him in smaller rooms on some of his earlier tours.


A nice little Will Self interview with Stewart Lee in advance of the new series of Comedy Vehicle:


I love that Stewart Lee is such a comic book nerd. He’s great, but my favorite stand up is Doug Stanhope.


I love Stanhope. I got to see him once in a dingy, dive of a bar in a crowd of about 12 people. It was such a mess, it was perfect.