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Stan Lee RIP


I didn’t even know about that one. I do remember this one when he called in when Kirby was on the radio.


You know what, I’m an idiot. No wonder I couldn’t find it. I had it in my head the Kirby and Lee spoke in private and Ditko and Lee on radio but it would obviously make sense to be the other way around. I haven’t heard this in at least ten years (and have never heard the whole interview) so I’m going to give it a proper listen later.




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From Michel Faber:


He did a really beautiful job with it.




EDIT: There’s always one:


I think this is a great idea! I’ll go for it! (3XT, please.)


Does a Spider-Man Christmas jumper work?


I’m kinda big for a onesie.


Spider-Man isn’t!



So more-or-less natural causes then. TMZ can fuck off.

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I’ve been rewatching a bunch of recent MCU movies lately (all the ones my wife hasn’t seen yet - which is everything from Guardians 2 onwards), and every Stan Lee cameo has a bittersweet quality now. They still make me smile, though.