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"Stan Lee is more important than Walt Disney" - Says Me


But am I right?



Have you seen this, Chief? You’ll have to watch the whole thing to see why it ties into your statement.


That is brilliant and terrifying.

Who are those guys? that was amazing.



It’s Epic Rap Battles of History. They take people from history, entertainment and fictional characters and do rap battles with them. That one was from the 4th season. It’s one of my favorites.



Disney as brilliant as he was, was mostly an amazing producer and businessman. His legacy in the end is just the name of a brand. He’s not remembered anymore for his first animations and films he directed. The name became the brand and the person got lost in it.

Now, Stan created and gave several generations an inspiration and a voice. He changed the comic book industry and now the film industry.

Then again, Disney back when he did Steamboat also revolutionised the world. He inspired millions to adapt the medium of film into animation.

In the end it all depends in terms of context. Both men are larger than life. But from a creative point of vue, I do believe Stan contributed a lot more.


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who? me?


Yes! Agree. 100 million%


What matter importance? Disney was Evil. Stan Lee is not.


Millar in the article.


Stan Lee presaged the end of civilization!

To be honest though, Marvel may be a strong brand, but it really hasn’t had the same impact on boys and girls that Disney films and characters have had for generations and will have. The Hulk may capture the imaginations of hyperactive kids (mostly boys) for quite some time to come, but Disney cartoons and their sequels are going to captivate a lot more kids at many different ages for-freakin-ever.

And really, as far as girls, how appealing have Stan Lee’s creations been? Hell, even today, it’s hard for Black Widow to get any respect. Why was it that comics never really appealed to girls? Did Romance comics even appeal to them?

I blame Stan Lee for that!


You missed the point. Disney films weren’t written by Walt.


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You’ll all regret this when Disney wakes up from his cryogenic sleep and becomes President of the United States.


That’s just before his coronation in Westminster Abbey.


Stan Lee didn’t write the vast majority of Marvel comics published or any of the Marvel movies. Chris Claremont and John Byrne are more important by that standard. If not for them, there would not have been the Xmen movies which opened the door for Spider-Man and Iron Man.


I’m not sure if one is more important than the other, I’m not a big fan of these attention grabbing headlines.

I think they are both wonderfully creative people who each changed the entertainment world massively forever.

There are still question marks around what Stan Lee actually created though & what was down to the likes of Kirby & Ditko, however it’s hard to argue with his prolific involvement.


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Lee is also a great representative for comics in general (and for himself, but who can blame him?). Both he and Disney have something of the same reputation as far as creators’ right, too, unfortunately, but certainly the times were quite different then.

Still, I don’t think there is really any comparison as far as the influence of films like Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs. That movie had an amazing effect on the history of cinema as not only the first animated color feature in the US, but in developing a serious animation industry that would also heavily influence our current infatuation with special effects. It’s hard to imagine that we’d have anything like Anime or Adult Swim without Disney. At least, it would’ve been very different, but, then again, if not for Stan Lee, maybe comics would’ve developed quite differently in America as well for better or worse - possibly not so dominated by superheroes.

Not to mention the cultural impact of the films he oversaw while he was alive, or the effect of theme parks on our culture (good and bad).