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Spoiler Conduct and Spoiler Tags!


Hello my compatriots and colleagues!

I just wanted to clue the rest of you in on our Spoiler Conduct!

You’ll note that we now have many threads that clearly list (Spoilers). That means that those threads allow spoilers after a comic, movie, or television show has aired. That means you can talk about it to your heart’s content! Hell, if you want to have a live discussion as it’s airing, rock out. We’ll also have spoiler-free versions of certain threads or will have two different threads where the topic at hand has multiple versions (Game of Thrones book/TV and Walking Dead TV/comic). In those cases, the spoilers apply to that specific version. Don’t talk about book spoilers in the TV thread! Bad form!

General ongoing discussion threads like the Marvel Comics Thread or DC Movies & TV will be spoiler-free! You can post spoiler in these threads, but you have you use our handy new spoiler tags: [ spoiler] and [ /spoiler] without the spaces.

This will create text that looks like this:

MH Williams is the best mod.

Click on the text and you’ll be able to read it! As a warning, the tags freak out about paragraph breaks, so you’ll have to add it for each one and images revert to text URLs in spoiler tags. We’ll soon have a dedicated button for spoiler tagging, but Jim just had a baby. Patience.

That’s all! Carry on!


testing out… [ spoiler]bruce willis is dead[ \spoiler]


[ spoiler] dammit [ /spoiler]


this is it…i feel it [ spoiler]soylent green is people[ /spoiler]


“Without the spaces.”




To help use my explanation I post in the new comics thread.

To set spoiler text: use the tags [spoiler] [\spoiler] around your text.
To read spoiler text, click on it and the blurred lines will become clear.

Added to say that paragraph gaps break it so keep it one.


MH Williams is the best mod hahahaha brilliant!!!


Dude! Spoilers!


Oh yeah! Sorry, my bad, won’t happen again haha