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Spider-Man Sample pages


Heya. Been working on these for a bit. Really going for a dynamic american style. Iv done lots of sci-fi and talking pages so these are me really trying to push my ability to draw action.

Would love your feed back on it.






I’ve posted these on my regular thread but just wanted to open a new one to hopfully get some more feedback.


I like the linework quite a bit. It reminds me of Jamie McKelvie. And I love the detail and textures on the splash page. I can see where you’re trying to carry that over to the action sequences but something about it isn’t quite working (I wish I could better articulate what, as it isn’t bad, but the balance between the clean lines and the textures feels off, comparatively). I think it might be the use of speed/action lines that’s doing it. I think the composition, body language, and figure work is effective enough at conveying the action without them.


Hey Chris! Looks like you’ve beaten a few of the earlier problems - your figures are nicely fluid now. I really like your use of perspective and angles. Only advice I could give you at this point is to be careful not to fall in love with all the action being “framed by the camera”. Specifically, sometimes figures need to be at an awkward angle and more specifically seen from behind and mostly partially from behind to add depth. With the way you see perspective, i should hope you’d elevate things like the prototypical face-off being not from the traditional straight-on horizontal, but from a bit below or above. You get what I’m saying!

Definitely a step up! With the folks you play with, that’s no surprise! Carry on! Excelsior!


Thanks. Yeah I am still trying to figure out how best to use the tools. Done right less is more. But I have to make mistakes or push these tools to understand how to use it less.Also if these got coloured then colour holds would be used to push the speed lines into the background more.
But the artist that I really love for there digital inking and art are Pepe Larraz and jorge jimenez both of them are incredible.
About to try do a Dredd short developing this style.


Thanks so much. Really appreciate it. I hadn’t thought about approaching the action like that. But its a very try point. The panel I am actually happiest with is the one through the car windscreen just cause its an angle I haven’t seen that often.
and by the end I was thinking I was over using the same angle a bit more than I would have liked.

But again thanks for the feedback. I felt that I got better doing this and can’t wait to do more ages building off this.


Hey Chris. Cool stuff ya got goin’ on here! Thanks for sharing. I too, really like the vantage from the inside the car. It’s a nice perspective to let the reader see that the battle has consequences. Thank goodness no one was inside! Couple critiques. I haven’t been reading anything Spidey for awhile and I may be unfamiliar with Gwen’s powers, but is she just levitating in the first panel? Or is her foot touching that small ledge and her other hand spidering her to the wall? On the first glance, it confuses my eye. Maybe make the ledge stand out more and a little bigger and make her hand look like it’s holding the pressure. I live 60 miles from NYC where I assume this is taking place. And Manhattan is dirty and the sidewalks are quite wide and there’s always crap at the edge of them. Some things you might find on a NYC street corner include but are not limited to a walk signal post with tons of stickers on it, an overflowing garbage can, a Village Voice or some such free newspaper box, a homeless person laying against a building on a cardboard bed, a newspaper kiosk, scaffolds, uneven awnings, outside seating for restaurants, etc. I guess my point is, the surroundings have their own character too. Keep up the great work and I hope this helps!


Thanks for the feedback. Yeah her foot is meant to be on the ledge. It was hard to really show that with that perspective.
But thanks for the advise with the city. Yeah I completely agree i love people like Geoff Darrow and will try add in those details. (Homeless people is actually something I never thought to add.)
WIll be going to Manhattan next month and will be taking loadsssssss of reference photos.


Cool. Have fun in NYC!!


Your work on the background is astonishing.