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Spider-Man reboot coming from Marvel / Sony


New kid. New director. High School Age. You know what this means?

Bitten by spider, stuff sticking to his hands, etc, maybe even the wrestling match again and not stopping that damn burglar. But best of all?


A guy on Twitter suggested getting all the dead Uncle Ben’s from the last 10 years into one movie and I love this idea. Who was your favourite Uncle Ben to be gunned down in last decade?



You know when Bendis did Ultimate Spider-man and took 5 or 6 issues to tell the origin story from Amazing Fantasy #15?

They should take the same approach with the new films. A trilogy to cover the origin, just in case the audience is unaware of it.

Episode 1 ends with Peter being bitten by the spider, episode 2 covers the wrestling period and episode 3 allows at least 80 minutes on Uncle Ben’s death.


Spider-Man: Crisis of Infinite Uncle Bens?


I’m pretty sure Feige had said they don’t want to do an origin movie again. And if his first appearance is in Civil War then I doubt they’ll have time to introduce him like that anyway.

Even in his own movie, I think it would suffice to have a credits montage recapping the origin, à la Incredible Hulk or Blade II.


Yeh, say what you will about Inc Hulk they definitely got the retelling of the origin in less than five minutes right.


I didn’t really get it though…

Peter will appear first in ‘Civil War’ so if they’re using enough of that story he’ll already be Spider-man. Probably.

Uncle Ben can still die in a flashback though.


He’d better… then at the end be standing with the other Uncle Ben’s like Vader at the end of Jedi. They’re waiting on the next one.



I dunno Gar.

That’s not really enough Origin for me. I mean, you need at least one movie to show what Peter was like before the Spider-bite. And you definitely need time to show him going through puberty really awkwardly because of the additional spider-powers, and I mean, do you really want to rush straight to the wrestling stuff in the third movie? I mean, how do we even know he even likes wrestling? You need a good half a film to establish that at the very least.


I only just found out that Tom Holland is the son of (UK comedian) Dominic Holland.

Bet he’s feeling proud today.


Ugh no, they should be staying away from the origin… That’d be overkill at this point u_u

Anyways, I trust Feige & co. to know this, so I’m not worried, although I wouldn’t rule out another Uncle Ben scene in a flashback, a-la-Man of Steel, which wouldn’t be atrocious as long as they handle it well. Here’s hoping!


You mean a flashback where Peter is watching Uncle Ben about to get shot and is just going to save him but Uncle Ben shakes his head, “no”, leaving Peter to watch him die, even though he could have saved him, even though he could have moved so fast that nobody would have seen him use his powers, even though he could have run round the tornado to dissipate it, or blow it away with his super-breath, or run round the world at the speed of light and gone backwards in time and put everything right or, you know, just forget about giving away your powers because for fuck’s sake Clark it doesn’t matter because that’s your Pa about to get killed right before your eyes just save him for God’s sake even if you didn’t have powers you should be trying to save him I mean how can you ever think I’m ever going to respect you as a superhero after this no matter how many necks you later do or don’t snap???

You mean like that?


Man of Steel aka Geek Vietnam.

Some of us are home, but we still bear the scars :wink:


Well it isn’t a Spider-Man movie if people aren’t glaring at each other at a funeral at the end.


It’s true to the comics, at least. He’s pretty much defined by death.


That is true but it’s an average of one every 10 years not one every 90 minutes.


That’s why I think Spidey would honestly make a better TV show than a series of movies (if budget were no object). You need time to build up an investment in these characters so that their deaths actually mean something.

Ah well, we’ll see how Marvel handles it. I assume they’re creatively driving it now.


Yes as mentioned before the deaths of Captain and Gwen Stacy happen 8 years after they are is introduced and 11 years after the story started. Condense that down to two films and it feels like people are dropping like flies around him.


On the subject, I was reading “One More Day” again the other day (I know), and the final issue featured some quotes from various comics industry figures on JMS’ Spider-Man run. One of them was Kevin Feige, and he said (paraphrasing) that he’d made it his mission to see that the JMS scene in which Aunt May discovers Pete’s identity makes it into the movies one day. I wonder if he still plans to do that now that he’s in a position to make it happen.


I’m going to assume this was intentional. :slight_smile: