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Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Discussion (SPOILERS)


Not officially out for another week, but there’s a bunch of charity screenings in the UK tomorrow night and it’s getting full screenings here all weekend, presumably to get ahead of Aquaman, so watch out for spoilers.

I can’t wait.


I’m looking forward to it!


Well…That was fantastic!!.

I wasn’t a fan of how jittery the animation looked in the trailer. But it totally works. The action and overall style is packed with energy, and I loved the use of elements from comics themselves. If feels like it nails what Ang Lee’s Hulk was trying to do with the translation of a comic panels to screen.

The story is funny as hell, but still has a ton of heart to it. The voice cast are all great, especially Nic Cage as Spider-Man Noir. He has some very funny lines.

I’ve got nothing but good things to say. It’s just loads of fun, with a really engaging story…And an awesome soundtrack too.


This was a great time. Probably my favourite animated movie of the year, and up there with Black Panther as the best superhero movie of the year. Loved the animation, especially during the action scenes, of which there are a lot.

Some of the plot stuff doesn’t completely make sense (Gwen coming through the portal a week in the past and finding Miles is never explained except for them wanting her there at the start), but it doesn’t matter that much. Similarly, there’s probably too many villains, only one of whom has much motivation.

I’d have liked a bit more of Noir/Spider-Pig/Peni, but by the time we get through Miles’s origin, there’s not that much time left for the other characters. They all get some great moments though.

I’ll definitely watch it again, if only to try to catch all the background jokes (I spotted the Clone High reference, and the Oh, Hello one).

Loved the post-credits scene, which manages to be both a “set up the sequel” tease, and a great comedy bit. Though, like Ralph Breaks the Internet, reading the credits while waiting partially spoiled me on what they were going to do.

I think it’s definitely worth seeing on the big screen, if only because it’s the type of super-fast animation that still tends to pixellate a lot when watched on Netflix or iTunes. I’ll probably be getting the Blu-ray.


It took me five minutes but I got sucked right in once I got used to it.

That was pretty Deadpoolian. The action was fantastic. The scene with Miguel panned out to be pure genius. I’ll probably write a little post here every so often. I had about 5 different types of tear in my eye. Nick Cage.

I’m so chuffed.


This was the absolute business!
Lived up to my very high expectations. Washed-up middle-aged Peter Parker was great to see, making Spider-Man relatable to a bunch more people, I’ll bet.
They pulled from so many comics, the work of all of our favourite writers and artists. When the Kingpin flashback went all Sienkewicz I knew that this was probably going to be my favourite movie of the year.

One final thing.

Chris Pine is the best Spider-Man ever! :heart_eyes:

I had no idea that he was going to be in this.



My view on the movie:

Pros - The animation, amazing mix of styles, oh my god they did the Kingpin and the Vanessa flashback in the style of Bill Sienkiewicz!
The music - loved the hip hop tinged soundtrack.
The gags - loads of laughs, maybe not as thick and fast as say the Lego Movie as it’s more of an adventure movie but way more than most film.
They managed emotional beats in with the whackiness, Miles with his uncle, his dad, old Peter and MJ all tugged at the heartstrings.
Embracing comics more than any film ever before, using real issue covers for the origins, including the actual credits for the creators. The captions, the ‘thwip’ sound effects on screen.Marvellous.
The post credit scene had the people that stayed back laughing throughout (but Paddington 2 still keeps the record for best ever credits scene).

Cons - I wasn’t keen on the Noo Yawk thug voice for Kingpin, I know he is one but I prefer the cultured version from the Daredevil TV show. That’s it, I loved everything else.

I loved this movie to bits.


Oh shit how could I forget…Nicholas Cage!