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Spider-Man: Homecoming Discussion (SPOILERS)


Yeah I just couldn’t be bothered to google the release date.

But I don’t know what form it will take? as I say, if they keep the director then they’ll be looking for more of the personal stuff again, and they’ve set up that MJ has an interest in him, which may or may not be romantic?

She might just be putting the pieces together on who he is in his spare time?

I really like what they did with her character. She could’ve stepped out of a John Hughes movie. In a good way.


I really hope Liz comes back.
Her and Peter reminded me a lot of how well Barry Allen and Iris could be played.


I also liked the way they handled Peter’s ‘hard luck’ element reasonably. It needs to be there, he lost the girl of course but has to be tempered with the good stuff. By the end of Amazing 2 I wondered why he’d want to be Spider-Man and maybe why he didn’t top himself the events were so depressing and everyone dying all round him.

All that stuff did happen in the comics but over 10 years of comics and not 4 hours on screen.


Amazing 1 was also really bad at handling that. “Promises are made to be broken” or whatever that movie ended with made it less “hard luck” and more Peter just being really dumb.


And he vaporized the guy so wrt the trial it’s not even like he can take the fall for that.


He did try to murder Spider-Man multiple times, even after learning he was his daughter’s friend.


Yes but he was following the Queensbury Rules.


He gave Spider-Man three chances to not try to get killed. He’s a saint.


That’s… (*counts on fingers) 5 years in Spidey terms :joy:


I will say I thought it was a little weird to have Peter turn down the Avengers offer knowing that the next time we’ll see Spider-Man will be in the next two Avengers movies. I mean, I get it from the story the movie was trying to tell, but I still found it strange. But that’s the downside to knowing so much about future movies in advance, I guess.



I found it funny inadvertent(?) meta commentary on Sony’s hold on the character


I suspect we may see Spider-Man in a street-level context in Infinity War, dealing with the chaos on the ground, rather than webbing Thanos in the face or anything.

Then again, if they’re going for a direct adaptation I hope we get this line.


Yeah I can see him doing more of an Ultimatum type assist


Also, did anyone call the police to arrest the “Shocker #2” pasted to the bus? Ned certainly didn’t tell anyone and he couldn’t without possibly revealing that Peter is Spider Man. So, probably the webs just dissolved and he got away. Still, if he got arrested, he’d be the witness to overturn the entire operation, but Toomes tech guy could get him with a drone.

Essentially, the NYC judicial system is just not set up for super villains, yet. Maybe the FBI agents who were on the Ferry might have some sort of evidence to use, but they might be more interested using Toomes as a criminal informant ala Whitey Bulger. There are actually a lot of interesting directions the movies could go if they emphasized the difficulty of vigilantes illegally stopping criminals.

If they introduced a J. Jonah Jameson and Daily Planet, this could be the basic reason he thinks Spider-Man is a menace. He gets in the way of actual police operations and destroys any chance the police have of making a case against these super-criminals. Meanwhile, the audience - because we see it - know that he’s the only one who can save the lives of the people these guys put at risk, so he’s still a hero even if it hurts law enforcement.


Yeah, he’s very much a menace in this movie. It isn’t until his last fight with Vulture that I’d say he was successful in anything.


Yeah he does so much property damage and doesn’t really take any responsibility for any of it


True, but we’d lose a lot of fun seeing Spider-Man in space.

NED: You went to space, dude?! What was it like?

PETER: Weird. Everyone spoke English and most of them looked like regular people in cosplay costumes.

NED: Did you have to wear a spacesuit?

PETER: Only when I was actually in space. All the planets had air.

NED: Wait. Like air you could breathe? How do you know you didn’t pick up some weird Andromeda Strain bug?

PETER: …I didn’t think of that.


Only the X-Men get to go to space now.


Teacher: Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Peter: But those are the best kind.

…Summarizes everything I love about the Garfield duology.

My biggest problem with Homecoming is Tom Holland. If you aren’t paying attention to how little his expressions match the way he talks, he’s fine. But he literally looks like a British actor doing a funny American kid’s voice…It works in small doses (Civil War), but stretched out for a whole movie…it’s kind of really hard for someone like me to get past. In hindsight Holland is playing the young Anton Yelchin, and it’s all the more heartbreaking that we don’t have Yelchin with us anymore, because Tom Holland is no Anton Yelchin. Even with a horrible (on purpose) Russian accent, Yelchin oozed natural charisma.


But it’s been eight years!