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Spider-Man: Homecoming Discussion (SPOILERS)


One thing about the action scenes … did they use slow motion at all? Normally I expect the usual sudden slowdown in the middle of a big action scene but I didn’t notice it in this film. Everything seemed realtime. Also, I didn’t see any Spider sense action in the movie either.


The spider sense seem to have been deliberately taken out of the MCU Spider-Mans powerset, in part I guess to make him more vulnerable and to set up his identity being revealed to some.


The director said that spider senses were left out of the film but he’s interesting in using them in the sequel.


Just saw this, unfortunately the sound was fucked up in the theater. It was like watching Netflix at home where the score and background sounds are really loud but it’s hard to hear the voices.

So, that dampened my enjoyment a bit. But I still liked it. Tom Holland remains the perfect choice to play Peter Parker. Marisa Tomei is a great Aunt May and as radiant as ever. Peter’s schoolmates are all great–I liked that they went a different route with Flash’s bullying.

Michael Keaton was my favorite part. I liked his motivation and his methods and that he wasn’t a megalomaniac or a psychopath. Although I think his reaction to killing the first Shocker was too nonchalant. I know they didn’t have enough time to show him grappling with that but the scene just didn’t work for me. But his scene in the car with Peter and the scene where he lays out his motivations in the warehouse made up for it.

As others have said, the high school stuff was really well done. It felt a lot like the school I went to, like the way the kids joked around, the relaxed relationships between teachers and students. Didn’t feel at all like adult writers trying to write kids, or transplanting their own memories of high school onto the present day. Felt very naturalistic.

Lastly, having recently rewatched all of Freaks and Geeks, it was a pleasure to watch Martin Starr play someone who’s not an asshole!


Just saw it. I didn’t love it, but it was enjoyable.

The good: The whole cast ranges from solid to excellent. Holland is great, Keaton’s villain was more interesting than most comic book movie villains. The high school setting was cool. It felt a lot like an early story arc of Ultimate Spider-Man feature Iron Man.

The less good: The pacing was kind of off for me. The story didn’t flow super well most of the time. There also wasn’t enough May. As good as the cast was, several characters felt tacked on. Michelle being possibly the biggest of those. She was enjoyable in her few scenes, but also completely pointless. And the MJ thing? Just why? Honestly, I kind of wish they replaced Peter’s sidekick dude with Michelle. Because I kind of felt they could have combined those two characters and streamlined things a bit.

All-in-all it was fun, but I still don’t think I’ve seen a truly complete Spider-Man movie yet. The Rami movies had the visual style, the Webb movies had the great chemistry between Garfield and Stone, and this one probably had the most fun Spider-Man to date. I’m hopeful for where they can go with Holland as the lead, at least.


Just got back and I have to say that my favorite MCU movie should list just got a fourth addition. And it edges out Vol. 2 for top 3.

And even taking out the MCU it just reminded me of how fun Spider-Man movies can be and how long it’s been since a good one.

Just loved it, really focused and character driven with nice stakes, humor, and a really entertaining villain. Vulture, Yellowjacket, and Red Skull are in a three way tie as far as I’m concerned.

While I liked “MJ” (should had gone a full measure either way instead of a half measure) as a bit character, I hope we see more of Liz as a love interest. I really liked what could possibly work as fertile story ground and honestly, found the actress really charming. Fun times and as my tag line says…I’m usually very negative.


That would’ve been a great fix.


Honestly calling her MJ at the end just felt like weird set up for a romantic thing, but having her be there would do that much better


I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment. A Spider-man movie should never be boring, but I’m dumbfounded that he thought ASM2 was boring. We clearly watched different movies :wink:


Third. I thought they were great, I really enjoyed Andrew Garfield as Spidey. My issue with ASM2 was the overuse of cgi in the final battle.


Short version, I liked it, a well made summer movie with excellent casting.

What makes this better than a lot of summer movies is tone; it’s sincere but prepared to make jokes about itself. That levity can be hard to get right, but this does (bathroom scene got a lot of laughs).

I think it drags a bit in places though. I was looking at my watch occasionally.

But I’ve realised I’ve lost interest in high school as a setting. I don’t think the film handled it that badly, but I just don’t relate to it anymore. It may pass but it’s my problem so nothing the film can be blamed for.

A late edit, but I just remembered something; when Logan Marshall-Green was in ‘Prometheus’ everyone said he looked like Tom Hardy. Now in this film, it was a few minutes before I realised that he wasn’t Jon Bernthal.

He’s clearly a good actor and he’s getting roles, but he seems to be a sort of master of disguise, as other actors, in those roles!


By the way, at the end, they made the point that Toomes is waiting for trial so he might not do any serious hard time. If DAMAGE CONTROL or someone like SHIELD wanted to “disappear” him, I could see him being held in some secure facility indefinitely.

As far as a court case, though, Peter can’t testify without revealing his own identity and there is no hard evidence connecting Toomes to the crash in any criminal capacity. He could justifiably claim that Spider-Man was the culprit and force Stark or Peter to choose to testify or keep out of the trial altogether letting the Vulture walk.

Also, his “guy in the chair” is still out there so a high tech walking through walls jailbreak is always an option.


I found the high school scenes to be more well done than most. I liked the amount of diversity as any High School in New York would be that.

However, the teen party was too generic and something out of the 80’s and 90’s.


You are right but that’s long been a superhero trope that doesn’t make too much sense. There’s a strip somewhere I read that has the police arriving at the scene of one of those cases where Spider-Man has tied up some muggers and they ask what did these people do? Where is the evidence?

At least nowadays there’s a lot of CCTV around, as we saw in the ATM robbery, they didn’t have excuse in earlier days. :smile:


As all movie teen parties should be.
Honestly the parties I went to in HS would have kicked the rating up a notch


Yeah, because it’s happened in the comic book, I think they intentionally put that line in there about the trial just to set up the chance that Toomes walks out of the court house in the next movie found not guilty by a jury of his peers. He could even end up being a kind of working class hero if he makes the way he was treated during the New York cleanup an issue and end up suing the city for breaking his contract.

Then Spider-Man looks like a bad guy for harassing this regular joe.


What I liked is that it appears his family is sticking by him. Which is nice.


To be honest I’ve always liked a bad guy you can sympathise with a little. He was a good dad and cared for his family. Okay he did kill one guy but in mitigation he was an arsehole and it was an accident. :smile:

If there’s a failing in the MCU films there are two many just moustache twirling villains. As much as I love everything else about the film Ronan is one in GOTG and Malekith in Thor 2 is pretty bad. Loki works as he has some complexity and charm about him.


Keaton is getting (rightly) good reviews so they could bring him back.

We’ll get a sequel of some sort. Peter will be a year or two older and a veteran of the Infinity War, so I hope that the big thing they do again is pay attention to the characters. It doesn’t require the return of this villain, but the not-quite girlfriend thing… I’m assuming Peter’s love life will be even more of a complication next time? As in; he’ll have one.


It already has a release date: July 5, 2019.