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Spider-Man: Homecoming Discussion (SPOILERS)


This is such a beautiful moment. We should put this in a frame or something!

Not specifically because of you Will, but just how often do we hear this on the internet at all?


Yeah, I’m not sure if Will is even allowed to do this. I mean, surely there’s a protocol against this kind of thing? Especially here of all places?


I revoke Will’s ability to desert from Team Uncle Ben! Revoke, I say!

Seriously, if even Civil War had been more explicit about it…but on the other hand, even Aunt May is incredibly minimalist in Homecoming. I think her screen time in both films is more or less the same. It’s funny that everyone is saying how hot Marisa Tomei is, just as if they’ve never heard of her before…Don’t let those people watch The Wrestler…! But My Cousin Vinny is probably safe. Right? (I’ve never seen it.)

Timeline-wise it makes perfect sense for Uncle Ben to be completely out of the picture, I’ll also grant. If Peter has been Spider-Man for months already in Civil War, then it stands to reason that the same is certainly true of Homecoming. My biggest complaint remains that this is a Spider-Man who is called a genius but gets basically everything handed to him by Tony Stark. I mean, he made the web fluid, but needs a dork friend to be “Guy in the Chair”? It’s a character that was composited by committee. There’s really no way around that. For me, Homecoming is a movie that tries way too hard. I said the same thing about Holland’s performance (to the sound of crickets), and it’s reflected in the rest of the movie. When you notice where the cracks are, they threaten the entire structure.


Well, the joke centered there was that Ganke was just asking for any position to try and glom onto the excitement.


I get that. But he still provided a lot of actual support for a supposed science geek. But maybe Marvel was feeling anxious about science geeks after the way Reed Richards turned out in the last Fantastic Four movie.


He told him where someone was using a GPS.
It’s not like he was a real tech crew.


He’s also the one who hacked the suit and gave Peter the upgrade.


They already foreshadowed Peter’s lack of IT know how (or more so lack of equipment) in Civil War. He had to take an old what looked like an IBM out of a dumpster and fix it as he’s a poor kid, clearly one with a scholarship. Ned on the other hand had a top of the range laptop to plug into the Spider-Suit. There are plenty of ways he needs support which don’t necessarily make him less of a science geek.


And, not to knock Stark Tech here, but the layout of the programming was very simplistic.

(Yeah it’s so the audiences could understand what was going on but it was drop down tabs of functions man)


The fact that he was able to salvage old tech actually speaks in Peter’s favor. We knew from his costume that he was roughing it. It’s not about the money but the ability. I know in the Civil War comics they gave him a tech suit, but that suit’s in Homecoming strictly to appease Avengers films fans, not because it’s actually relevant to the character. It’s another way to take the story away from him. We get a kid who sounds like he’s one candy bar away from diabetes in this movie, that’s what we really get, just so incredibly wired all the time (which makes it weird when they attempt a scene where he’s suddenly amped because he gets to be Spider-Man, because this Peter is perpetually primed). It’s kind of insane that anyone thinks that this is the first time we’ve seen Peter in high school on the big screen, too. That’s literally true of both other incarnations.

It’s just funny to see the apologists from the other side, I guess. I don’t know.


Well, only for a few scenes in Spider-Man 1, and Garfield always looked in his late 20’s…there’s a visual shorthand with Holland’s youthful appearance and the fact that it stays in high school that gives it more of a notable weight than the previous movies.


Garfield looked too old? How didn’t Maguire, then? And even all the actors they cast in Homecoming. How old is Peter supposed to be? Because Holland is already past twenty, and looks it. Zendaya is 20. This is such old Hollywood “magic.” They always cast actors in their twenties for important teenage roles, because they want competent acting in them.


Maybe after the first viewing I may have agreed, but I think the arguments here are unfounded.

Peter doesn’t get everything handed to him on a plate, he was doing perfectly well on his own with a Spider-Suit with doctored eyes to help control his senses and web fluid Stark is blown away by. The suit is a fantastic mcguffin and sense of comedy. Apart from that he actually gets nothing from Stark, and the whole point of the narrative is that you can’t just get given stuff, you have to earn it.

Plenty of amazing things were made by committee. But that aside, are you saying Peter should be friendless? Or that heroes should have to do everything themselves or it’s crap? I thought Ned and Pete’s relationship was a fantastic and natural way to move the plot on and provide exposition in a film about a teenage superhero.

Maybe the reason there was the sound of crickets was that this is completely subjective and using it as an argument to say -

…clearly doesn’t hold water when trying to say this is a badly put together film. If you are going to point out storytelling cracks in the structure of a film they can’t be based on your personal taste.


I never said Maguire didn’t look too old. I said they kept in high school for only a few scenes. Before they believably had him be at college and otherwise living on his own like an adult. I felt that covered that.

Holland, even though he’s 20, I wouldn’t have guessed that. He’s just more youthful in general - enough that a friend of mine was shocked by several scenes in the movie because this was the first for her where she kinda understood that Spider-Man was a kid.

Zendaya wasn’t even on my radar…she had like 5 lines.


Again, the entire point of the story in Homecoming is to show he doesn’t need the suit or Stark. He literally walks away smiling like Mark Renton at the end, walking away from his mates and heroin.


On my second view I noticed Zendaya had loads to do in the background - She 100% knows He’s Spidey, I’m convinced.


Likely, since they’re already taking the influence from USM.


This Peter is supposed to be 15. In no universe is Tom Holland’s Peter 15. I make this point because of folks like @ParkerMcCombe, who are making subjective claims just like I am about what works and why.

I have no problem with Peter having friends. I have a problem when a character set up to be a science genius (that’s literally a whole subplot in the movie) can’t solve any Spider-Man problems without the help of his best friend or Tony Stark, after creating the miraculous web fluid that reads like Stark’s main reason for noticing Peter in the first place…The suit, by the way, is hugely, hugely important to Spider-Man throughout the movie. Taking it away completely neutralizes Peter, because he’s come to completely rely on it. “Earning it” should never have been up to Tony Stark. I mean, Peter had already proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was going to do this no matter what. Also a major subplot! The whole reason he was rebelling against all the lack of assignments!


But he saved the day in his original suit.


So why the need for the “upgrade”? That’s the biggest problem. By the movie’s logic, Peter mostly relies on the tech suit because Tony has become Peter’s father figure that he’s using as a crutch. So why does the movie spend so much time showing how much he loves the tech suit? Aside from giving the audience something cool and fun to focus on? Because…pretzel logic.