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Spider-Man: Homecoming Discussion (SPOILERS)


There have been a couple actually - Laura Haddock was a fan of Captain America in the first Cap movie and Peter Quill’s mother in GotG. And Cumberbatch played Strange and Dormammu. :slight_smile:

(And if you count the TV shows there are quite a few more, like Alfre Woodard.)


Also, Martin Starr making an appearance as Amadeus Cho in Incredible Hulk and now a teacher at Peter’s school in this movie.

Plus, apparently the girl who played Hawkeye’s daughter in Age of Ultron also played John C Reilly’s daughter in Guardians vol. 1. Or it might have been her twin. Either way, there should be some complicated visitation rights going on.


It’ll be both of them, they use identical twins all the time for child roles in film and TV because they can get more filming hours when there are legal restrictions on how many they can work.

When I was a kid my best friend and I had these great ambitions to be actors and there was a pair of identical twins in our class that kept getting parts in TV and films even though they had no interest, which really pissed us off. :smile:


I believe that it’s been deemed canon that Choi’s character is related to his Howling comandos counterpart.


Always a good trick, they did it twice in Doctor Who when Eve Myles and Freema Agyeman played two different roles.


I remember that happening with Clara’s fella, too, I think.


And the Doctor himself of course. Although less or a relative, more of a borrowed face.


He had a picture of him in his office, and I think there was a group shot of the Howling Commandos too.


Yeah, I just read the principal is the commando’s grandson. Anyway, just thought it was neat! And he had multiple speaking lines in each film, too, so that seems a bit unusual.


There’s no way Martin Starr’s character in Hulk is really meant to be Amadeus Cho. I’d say there’s a better argument for it being the same character as he plays in Spider-Man.


Wow, so watching that scene again…It’s like a totally different Tom Holland, for one, and certainly a different interpretation of the character who later shows up in Homecoming. There’s a good chance the Civil War writers were thinking of Uncle Ben, in subtext, for that scene. As far as I can tell, Homecoming only really thought of the Civil War airport smackdown to maximize audience interest (which clearly happened). Well, that and how Aunt May would react to Spider-Man’s secret identity…!


What if they’re playing RDJ to fill the Uncle Ben role?
If he dies in A3/4 and that becomes a catalyst for Parker to reevaluate his goals?


I don’t think Uncle Ben is replaced at all. They just didn’t go into it as everyone is sick of the same origin replayed all the time.


Yeah, that’s what I suspected as well.

Something like…

Peter does give up being Spidey at May’s behest for a while. Then things get really dire in Infinity War and he suits up, which even May approves of at that point. He helps Tony to save the day and all is well but then Tony is taken out by a random joe on the street who is freaking out about everything going on and who Tony asked Peter to take somewhere safe. Or by an incensed Toomes. Something to really crank up the ol’ Parker guilt.


I think it’s just a different scene. He’s asked a question the provokes that emotional reaction. He’s not playing it that way in the rest of his scenes in ‘Civil War’ either, because he’s not asked that question.


I recall a line in Homecoming when Ned finds out Peter is Spider-Man and Peter tells him not to tell Aunt May because of everything that she’s been through. I think that was a small link to Uncle Ben.


I agree, I think not only does the scene fit the rest of the film, but it fits the origin and his character, too.

If something tragic happens that you feel guilt over - say the death of someone close - this is the sort of conversations you have about it to strangers. You wouldn’t go into detail. Acting like you aren’t hurting inside is basic human behavior but Peter is obviously still struggling. If you look at him in both movies, he only becomes the joking and fun loving Spidey when he is alone or the mask is on, the rest of the time he has the weight of the world on his shoulders and is afraid to stand out (bar a few moments, mainly with Ned, and even then he’s not full on Spidey).

This is part of the reason I’ve said a second watch made me love Homecoming so much more. They completely nailed Peter as a boy struggling with a traumatic life change and a sense of responsibility through guilt. Spider-Man is his safe place, one where he can control bad things that may happen or face his fears. Then, each facet of his life begins to affect his actions in the other - when he has the suit taken away he finds the bravery in himself to tell a girl he likes her. Then, when he wills himself to rise through the concrete he literally says “Come on, Peter. Come on, Spider-Man, Come on, Spider-Man.


It isn’t really my intention to argue that other people can’t enjoy Homecoming or interpret it for themselves. For me, well. I guess it’s kind of another Rogue One for me, or Wrath of Khan, or Toy Story 3, something that’s wildly popular but I just don’t connect with.


One thing’s for sure, whether it’s RDJ in the future or it’s already transpired with Ben, death must come. We demand blood!


I feel like if Uncle Ben had been mentioned, we’d have just as many people moaning about the needless exposition and reference to the origin as there are people wildly speculating that he doesn’t exist just because his living relatives aren’t mentioning him all the time.