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Spider-Man: Homecoming Discussion (SPOILERS)


Oh, it makes sense in-universe. It’s just a flaw in the universe because of how rights issues forced them to start out. But not a fatal flaw.


Oh yeah.

Like how the movie has two distinct prologues - a proper film-focused one and one to make sense of its place in the MCU?



This is pretty true to the comics though, all the way back to the earliest Lee/Ditko stuff. Peter is always fretting about how everything will affect Aunt May but often isn’t self-aware enough to consider the effect on himself.


Totally agree with this.

Maguire is still THE Peter Parker of the movie world as far as I’m concerned, I’ve no criticisms of him in those movies whatsoever. I thought he was perfect for the role(s) and still do.

I really like Tom Holland though.

Garfield felt completely miscast for me, as much as I like him as an actor.


I completely agree with you here. The lack of Ben did not dampen my enjoyment of the movie at all. It did nothing to diminish Peter or May’s characters. We all know what happened and it would make sense to talk about it more in the sequel with May’s inevitable concerns about Peter being Spider-Man. Presumably at this point Ben has been dead for at least a year. Neither of them are going to be completely over it but they’re also not going to be sitting around the house moping. They’re strong people and they get on with things.


I think in the scene detailing she’d called 5 police stations in a few hours when Peter’s phone was dead gave us the undertone she was not.

Then her reaction to him immediately after, when she finds out his reason is he lost the internship, fits your other theory.


I’ve come to the realization that this may be why the movie was set 8 years after Avengers. It means pretty much both can happen in a short, in-universe, timeframe.


Having saw this a second time I’m now convinced it’s the best superhero movie script written thus far. Elements outside the script may not have been perfect, but this film went up in my estimations massively on repeat viewing. That’s very rare for me.

Every single line of dialogue in this film has a purpose, every piece of information you need or are looking for is there, it’s a film that probably gives it’s audience the most respect I can think of, for one aimed (mainly) at kids. I was actually taken aback more than once by how canny and clever it was when I wasn’t focusing on the plot.

A few days later I now think it’s possibly the best superhero film outside Superman or Spidey 2 or anything I can think of right now, I actually am putting it above them in terms of how much I think it nails pretty much every moment, most of the time without even making a show and dance of it.

It’s bloody fantastic.

Also, I’m now convinced that MJ knows Peter is Spidey right through the film. From the part where she is sitting right behind Peter and Ned, barely noticable, when he talks about taking Caps shield and I swear it seemed like her ears pricked or it felt like she almost looks up. The rest of the film she is following Peter, her excuse for being in detention is so lame, she’s clearly there watching him.


It’s interesting as it suggests that the Marvel movies are going through a similar process to the comics way back in the '60s.

In the early Spidey comics, Peter’s story progressed almost in real-time as the issues came out - by Amazing Spider-Man #28 he was graduating, despite having been bitten by the Spider at the age of 15.

Obviously they put the brakes on quite heavily subsequent to that, once they realised they had to string this stuff out much longer than they expected.


It looks like that may be the case. If the deal with Sony holds they are clearly aiming to build whatever the MCU becomes around Spidey, which would also tie in with the idea Spidey 2 may tell the origin story as part of the actual plot, becoming the Iron Man movie of the next set of films.

Sequel wise maybe Peter hasn’t caught the guy who killed Uncle Ben yet and the story is about him fighting the need to take revenge when he does. That way you can tell the origin story parallel to the main story in an interesting and reasonably original (for Spidey at least) way. That’s probably what I would do with it anyhow.

Also, Tom Holland has a big mouth and has apparently already asked Toby McGuire to play Uncle Ben :joy:


I don’t mind if they play fast and loose with Uncle Ben. A lot of this Spidey universe is already only vaguely in line with established canon. Plus, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if part of the reason for not getting into the Ben stuff is because Peter’s current father figure, Tony Stark, is going to snuff it in a not-too-distant movie…


Really, Sean Bean should play Uncle Ben.


Uncle Bean.


Or Steve Buscemi.


I kind of get the sense that Uncle Ben as established doesn’t exist in these movies, that Peter’s motivation for becoming Spider-Man is inspired by the bite and his admiration for the Avengers. He’s a fanboy, and a convenient surrogate for a hopeful new generation of fans watching these movies a decade into the run. I mean, strip away everything else, and that’s what Spider-Man is, the classic Robin/Bucky surrogate for young fans. They’ve clearly decided to sidestep the heavy angst that was the defining characteristic of the Garfield films. What better way than to ignore the tragedy that used to define the character? Everyone here, it seems, is always arguing for movie superheroes to love what they do. Who better than Spider-Man, who invented Marvel wisecracking when Rob Liefeld was still in diapers? (I don’t know how old Rob Liefeld is; this is to say, long before Deadpool existed.)



There are lots of ways the writers could have acknowledged the impact Ben’s words/death had on Peter without making the film, or even the scene(s) that Ben comes up in, angsty.

I think you’re spot on about him being a surrogate for younger audiences but I think the two can go hand in hand.


In ‘Civil War’ Peter has a little conversation with Tony Stark about responsibility;

If that wasn’t about his Uncle then I’ll be very surprised.


Two things no one else seems to have remarked upon:

I found rdj’s hair coloring really distracting in his scenes. I’m usually not that guy, but it had a reddish tint that made him seem more like a grandma to me.

Second, I guess Kenneth choi is a time traveler? If I’m not mistaken, he’s the first actor to take two separate roles in the MCU proper, having previously been a part of the howing commandos in Cap 1!