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Spider-Man: Homecoming Discussion (SPOILERS)


Doesn’t everybody?


I want to see him exposit some new york jewish wisdom, like any sane person.


You don’t ‘yadda yadda yadda’ “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility”!


Nah, Joe Pesci.


Too obvious.

Alexander can at least act sage, in an in your face way of course.

If only Larry David were 20 years younger.


Again, not saying he should be portrayed as a traumatized wreck, but that he has a very specific worldview and it didn’t make sense to me that the movie was vague about it. Marvel was vague about it in Civil War, too, but that made sense, it was Cap and Tony’s movie.


I think it might be why Tom Holland’s portrayal hasn’t felt like Spider-Man to me yet.
I remember Matt Fraction (I think it was him) talking about the Amazing movies and basically saying they were wrongheaded for having him be so driven to find his parents when the real reason he put on the suit every night and swung into danger was because of Uncle Ben. Having a complete void in this new imagining does make it hard to think of him as Spider-Man.
We might be into #NotMySuperman territory here though, but I think it’s a valid point.


Yeah, and it is kinda weird that he says “I can’t do that to Aunt May, after all she’s been through” to Ned when convincing him to keep quiet. What about what he’s been through?

It really changes the film if you think about the way everyone responds and reacts to him if you also consider that almost all of them would have known that his “dad” was murdered probably no more than a year ago. I mean, it makes Flash look even worse than he already does, but it would explain why everyone at the school is willing to accept his at times unreliable and otherwise irresponsible behavior when he runs off all the time.

At the same time, Aunt May didn’t really behave like she’s been through a lot. She seemed fairly well adjusted and even chipper.


Holland’s Spider-Man works for me. I think there’s something a bit sit-commy about him, and I think Mark’s comment like he’s too “WHOA I’M TOTALLY ON SNAPCHAT BRO” is valid but it also works by 2017’s aesthetics.

I do like Tobey the best. I get the criticisms about him but I think that is part of his charm, he was a little more low-key. Garfield overacted by about 50% and Holland overacted by maybe 20%, whereas Tobey felt more at ease in the role just being himself.


Yeah, and I think Tomei relied a tad on being high pitched to convey comedy.


The lack of mentioning Uncle Ben didn’t bother me in the slightest. I think there have been enough Spider-Man movies, comics, and cartoons that haven’t dealt with it that every man, woman, and child knows what’s up. I don’t really need everything Spider-Man does to have to remind me that he’s doing this because of Ben. I also don’t really need to see another May in mourning. I have no idea how long ago Ben died in this universe, but I’m okay with her grief and anguish not being her defining characteristic when we first meet her. Sure I’d like more of her in the sequel, but I get why Peter first put on the suit because that’s so heavily ingrained in pop culture at this point.

I get that I might be in the minority, though.


For my part, I think it makes an insane amount of sense to deal with it in the sequel, given how this ended.
Again, you can play with the parallels of grief and loss in a much more effective way given the new dynamic.


Absolutely. May knows about Peter now and she’ll have to face the reality of her nephew doing dangerous shit and the fear of losing him the way she’s lost everyone else. And Peter will have to deal with the fallout of her discovery and whatever might come from that. You can bring up all sorts of stuff via that one moment.

Although, I think this also illustrates a problem with the extended movie universe. We get May finding out Peter’s identity, but will next see Spider-Man in Infinity War. I think that reveal almost requires the sequel pick up right after the identity reveal in order to properly explore it. But we might not get that at all, which would be a shame.


Reminds me of how Civil War used the Giant Man form…in a previous life that would have been saved for a proper sequel.

Feels…like a shame, honestly.


That’s kinda how I feel about Iron Man mentoring Spider-Man. I like Holland and RDJ’s dynamic but at the same time, I think Spider-Man should stand on his own.

Not a huge deal, though. I still liked the movie. But it felt a bit strange since we all know this is Marvel’s biggest character.


Yeah, honestly I was hoping for Happy taking more of that role rather than Stark.

He’s an inoffensive, unobtrusive, but likable recognizable character.


I dunno, I like Spider-Man just figuring out all this stuff on his own. Having him striving to be in the Avengers for most of the movie made him feel a bit second-stringer. Happy would still be related to all that.


I thought it was meant to be a stand-in for his F4 aspirations.
I mean, I don’t mind him wanting to be on the Avengers. He’s just trying to get out of the city.
Like most kids who live here.

So that at least made sense.


People in New York want to leave!? :open_mouth:


Or at least make good and head upstate.

You go into the city to commute.