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Spider-Man: Homecoming Discussion (SPOILERS)


What is the Marvel timeline, again? This starts just after the Avengers and then Peter comes in with Civil War. Does someone have the in world timeline figured out?

When Tony drops Peter off, it’s just after the fight with Cap at the airport. Then when Tony sends the drone to help Peter out, that would’ve been after the final fight with Cap and Bucky, right? Where was he at that point? Then they move into the new Avengers headquarters, but I thought that was at the end of Age of Ultron and before Civil War.




They showed it at the end of Age of Ultron, yes. It’s also in Ant-Man. A full office move can take a lot of time though :smile:


Iron man wasn’t shown living in the Avengers complex until the end of Civil War before that it was Cap and the others.


I’m more curious about Aunt May. Did she have a husband? What happened to him? Was he the kind of person to dispense life-altering pearls of wisdom? I guess we’ll never know but those are the kinds of things I’m interested in.


Don’t worry, it’s just a Spider-Man movie, there’ll be a reboot along shortly.


I was disappointed this one didn’t reboot itself halfway through.


It did…

Peter went all Lo-fi, like a hipster Spoder-man.


Honestly, it’s a little weird there was zero mention of Uncle Ben. We didn’t need to see a death flashback but as he’s the whole reason Spider-Man’s a hero, I expected at least a mention of his “with great power comes great responsibility” outlook.


There was a vague reference to May not coping too well after a recent tragedy, I don’t think they needed any more than that. There was a similar hint in Civil War I think. It feels like Marvel were very sensitive to not wanting to repeat the origin again, and I can see why. There is time to flesh out that backstory in future if they really want to.

(I vote with Arjan that they cast Jason Alexander as Uncle Ben.)


…That’s good.
Very good.


You want to see Jason Alexander get shot?


We’ve all seen the origin a few times now but kids might not have. The movie hints at Ben’s death but not why it inspired Peter to be a hero. I don’t think it should have danced around that just because other movies not connected to it have shown it already.


It should be expounded upon in the sequel, that way you can have Peter go through this doubt about continuing to do this despite May’s concerns, and Aunt May confronting that herself.


I don’t need him to show up. I just need them to keep telling good Spider-man stories and Peter’s guilt is only one way to do that.

It shouldn’t be banned from any sequels, but it shouldn’t be compulsary either.


But it’s his whole reason for doing what he does–not just guilt, but truly believing Ben’s words and applying it to every choice he makes.


It’s what spurred him to do it in the first place. And occasionally it’s what reminds him why he started doing it.

But when he’s saving someone from a bad situation he’s not always have a traumatic flashback to Uncle Ben dying in the street. He’s just concentrating on that situation and that person or people.


Well, I said he truly believes Ben’s words. So every time he’s saving someone, it’s because he believes with great power comes great responsibility.

I don’t think we needed to see a death flashback. But to not mention Ben’s, and now Peter’s, worldview was weird to me.


I think he just got on with it. They referenced it in 'Civil War; well enough, and they could’ve done that again, or something similar, but he’s the hero and it’s not about why he’s a hero, it’s about what he does as a hero, and the balance with the rest of his life.

They probably will reference him next time, but I really didn’t miss it.


It would’ve been an interesting element in relation to how Peter sees Tony as well. Peter lost the only father he ever knew, and now his newest father figure doesn’t have time for him. It ties into his drive to get Tony’s attention at all costs.