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Spider-Man: Homecoming Discussion (SPOILERS)

Movie’s out next week, different days for different countries.

Reviews seem largely positive, if not glowing (96% on RT, but only 69 on Metacritic at the moment):

The one negative review so far:


Sounds really promising

Does anyone know the certificate for this

I remember a day when they had it on the posters to save you having to guess

It’s 12A in the UK and PG-13 in the US.

The US rating is for “sci-fi action violence, some language and brief suggestive comments” if that helps. It’s probably pretty innocuous stuff and I’m sure my kid can handle it, but I’ll leave him home just in case.

EDIT: Assuming I go myself, I’m pretty busy these days and Apes are a much bigger cinematic priority.


I have still not seen Alien Covenant

I feel anxious about that

My wife’s friends are coming over on Saturday. If it’s too wet to put up a fence and none of my mates are up for going for a few pints in the afternoon I’m thinking of a cinema double bill.

Not sure what’s still on, but I’ll settle for Wonder Woman and Baby Driver this weekend.

My 2 year old is nearly 3 and I’m hoping that if Spider-Man is suitable I could fit it into father son time and under the guise of giving my wife a rest by taking one of the kids out for a few hours.

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Go for Alien, man.

Worth it.


Hey, if I can find it somewhere that will definitely be my first choice - i think I’ve missed the boat on it.


Oh yeah, Baby Driver too. Damn.

I usually go the movies by myself or with my kid but Baby Driver is one I’d like to see with friends if any are available, although it isn’t showing at the theatre that’s right by the pubs.


I used to go to the cinema myself once or twice a week, I miss so much now and I’m Always playing catch up

I guess I just need to acceptvthsts the way it is just now until work/life becomes less busy


Before my second kid I worked a Sunday through Thursday workweek and could nick off to the Friday matinee and see the new movie while everyone was at work. It was perfect.

However, there are weird people at those weekday matinees. Myself included, no doubt.


The people I know who have gotten to see Homecoming early have all really, really loved it.

IGN gave it a very even handed review:

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Won’t derail the Spidey thread any longer but I wanted to circle back and say that I caught Baby Driver this afternoon, and it was wonderful. Very original, and pure utter joy, like seeing a Tarantino film or Trainspotting for the first time in the 90s. I was having a bit of a shit week and was completely elated within 15 minutes.

So, I’d say, if you can’t slip away to many films these days, look at it like this. There are 6-8 superhero films every year, but a movie like Baby Driver comes around once every few years. That’s your decision right there.

Obviously, if you get a chance to see lots of films, then see lots. There are some good ones this year.


Just like every superhero film. @ChrisS it’s not worth asking. :smile:

This is the useless certificate for parents as it covers such a broad range of material. A good resource is the BBFC website because unlike the MPAA they give very detailed explanations of why they give a certain certificate.

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Going tomorrow or Thursday.

I am going to looooove it.

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The Irish Times is not generally a lover of superhero movies, but they loved this one.

I just booked my ticket for me and the kids on Thursday.

I can’t believe this is in two days. There are so many superhero films that they surprise you when they show up.


Seeing this tomorrow as it’s out Wednesday here. Looking forward to it. The good reviews have me hopeful.


Just booked a ticket for tonight at 12am. Wasn’t sure if I was going to wait until tomorrow or not but I just can’t, a Tom Holland Radio 1 interview popped up on my phone’s news feed and I booked straight after.


Remember people brought their children to see Deadpool… Even children that young. I was horrified! I don’t think Spider-Man will be a problem for any age, though. Big bright bold colours and Tom Holland’s squeaky voice and I don’t think Keaton is ever anything more than menacing so I think you’d be fine, but I’ll let you know after I’ve watched it if there are parts that are more than what you’d see on Bank Holiday afternoon telly.