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South Park rips into Superhero Movies


This is genius. Total genius!



It is. I for one cannot wait for the game.


I love these guys.
I did a thesis on them 1999 for my Media Arts Degree (que laughter…)
The fact that they are always current and spot on with their analysis of the social and political climate every single time amazes me and I cant say I’ve disagreed with them once.
Although the Tupperware movie would be awesome.


Free copy of The Stick of Truth if you pre-order as well. I’ve still not got around to that, so it’s quite tempting.


when the season is running they make an episode a week. There is a great documentary about it.


When is the new season out? Last season was phenom.


probably october. Then again it has switched a lot. Sometimes January, or September or…

Last one was epic.It was just one long movie.


Yeah, the last season of South Park was really great. It’s usually very clever, but the ongoing narrative of last season elevated it. PC Principal is a great character too.


I liked a lot of the stuff in the last season, but I thought the serial storylines meant they boxed themselves into a corner for a sub-par finale. The gun show scene was great and it felt like if they’d been doing their usual format it’d have made for a great episode in and of itself.


The only good thing last season was Mr. Garrison.



The civil war joke at the end was so damn funny!


I thought last season was a bit forced, but I liked some stuff. Mr Garrison was awesome.

I like South Park best when they are just surreal and crazy, not so much when they try to put a message in.