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Sorry, I'm busy reading Jupiter's Circle #3


Eight more days and you can join me for the feast, mein freunds.



That should be “meine Freunde”. Tsk.


(And no, I can’t join you because I’ll be waiting for the trade, like an idiot.)


I read the Jupiter’s Legacy trade a few weeks ago (mind-blowing book!), a few days later I’m at a comic shop and ask for the trade of Jupiter’s Circle, the guy looked at me like I had asked for a Mark Miller book. :wink: “Dude it’s not even out yet, single issues are on the wall” and I got a huge eye-roll. They didn’t even have #1, so I might be with Christian and waiting on the trade if I can’t find #1 & #2 at my local shop.


The book sold out so 1 and 2 are quite hard to come by, except on eBay.

I;d recommend pre-ordering. It means if there’s a fast sell-out you’re guaranteed you’re copy and not charged crazy prices.



Hey, Mark - You should be done reading your issue by now.
Send it along, willya?


** Narrows Eyes **