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Sord's little Art Dump.


And here’s the next chapters !
As you can see I’ve got a little more time lately and i take a lot of pleasure doing those !
Hope you will too when seeing this :wink:


Here are the next pages… As I wasn’t compltely satisfied by the narration on the fourth one, i did some changes on it. I felt that a panel showing our bad guy’s state had to be put in… hope you’ll like it!


And the title spread page! I’m pretty happy with the design of the spacecraft :slightly_smiling_face:


These are some great pages. Love that big title spread.


thanks man :slight_smile:


Here’s a new one I made for fun :slight_smile:

It’s in fact a remake of an old drawing I made back in 2014 and one I never got fully satisfied about :

It sometimes feels good to get back in time and see for yourself that hard work always pays at the end, even if it takes a lot of time :wink:


Lots of change! Definitely like the facial expression on the new one. So cool to see growth!


thanks… just trying to keep it up . :blush:


My last piece for your consideration :sunglasses:


Hi everyone!
And a new one!
A less known heroin this time :wink:
Tell me what you think!

Besides I just created a facebook page to display my art.
Come and say hello if you please :slight_smile:


I’m white hot these days :fire:
So here’s another one:

It’s the best character from my all time favorite book: Xmen by Claremont an Byrne.
Even if I was barely born when it was released, i discovered it in my twenties and I keep coming back to it approximatively once a year! Everytime I rediscover it with great pleasure :star_struck:
I just tried to pay a descent homage here :wink:
Hope you’ll like it out there !


You are remarkably talented. Literally if I won the lottery and had the money I would pay you right away to collaborate. This work is always awesome to look at - those sequentials are especially intriguing - and it’ll be awesome to see where you end up with it in the future.


Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Hi all!
Long time no see… As I’m currently full time storyboarding for a cartoon tv show i don’t have a lot of time to work on my comics projects. But no fear, some art is on the way :wink:
Today, and for something a little different ,i’d like to bring your attention toward that retro video game project I worked on earlier this year:

If you like it, you can support our effort by backing the kickstarter campaign right here:

thx for the attention :grin:


I also have opened a twitch channel if some of would like to see my workflow:

see ya!


Really great movement and depth to your work! Dynamic and detailed. Great work!


thanks a lot :blush:


And here are some pages I made those last months…
I was keeping them for the annual talent search but, as it seems ther will not be one this year, I think it’s time to show them.

And a happy new year to all of you out there !


Those look excellent.