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Sord's little Art Dump.


An old one i just finished :slight_smile:


This is AMAZING!
I love it!


Thanks Matt!


I really like your cartooney style. Very dynamic the Batman pages. Good job!


Thanks to you sir :slight_smile:


My last piece… Hard to draw so much spider-men/women in a single image :slight_smile:
But also a lot of fun!
I’m such a fan of Olivier Coipel’s art. Just trying to give it a decent homage here.
Wetrdly got the idea as I was driving and saw the poster for the last XXX movie…
Hope you 'll like it!


Extra points for Spider-Ham.


haha! thanks!
it was tough to put him without looking odd :slight_smile:


One of the latest Tv shows I worked on is out now on french tv!
It’s a concept created by Joe Kelly and man of action.
I storyboarded 6 or 7 episodes of the first season…
Here’s the trailer:

And i can now post this video I made while storyboarding one of my episodes, something about a year ago!
It’s a bit long but it shows how i “clean” plans when working on Storyboards
Hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:

Movie Magic

Copying this to the Movie Magic thread, so it’s there as well.


I think your colouring goes really great with Sord’s artwork.

Amazing stuff.


Hello! Been pretty busy those last weeks so, not much to show over here :wink:
Here are a few designs I did for a new script I’m working on.
Hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:

Some pages on the way :wink:
Tell me what you think.


And here’s the first page!
Hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:


Brilliant as usual!


Thanks to you Sir for such kind words! :sunglasses:
Glad you liked it… seems to work from the first feedbacks I get online, that’s really motivating.
I plan to do the next one as soon as possible.


Hi there! here is the second page of my project! hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:


Wow. That looks incredible. I feel you like you have a good sense of action and page layout.

What’s the name of this book and when will it be out?


At this day, the name of the book is “Lost One and Dead Boy”, but it really is a working title for now. It’s drawn from a script written by a young guy I encountered on this same forum( when i posted my pages for the talent search last year), and named Tom Kneeshaw. Unfortunately it will not be out for now as we work on it during our free time and as we haven’t found any publisher yet. For now, it’s more a way for me to show my abilities and get spotted someday, as it looks like things are working this way now…

Thanks for your kind words and support anyway! Don’t hesitate to share it if you liked it :slight_smile:
Here’s my deviantart page, just in case:


Cracking work as always @sord21. Look forward to seeing the book


thanks a lot :slight_smile: