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Sord's little Art Dump.


Hi there.
First of all, a happy new year to all of you out there:) All my best!
My name is Romain Sordet and I’m from France (so pardon me my english :slight_smile: )
As an artist I submitted to the millarworld annual for the second time this year and didn’t make it trough.
Nothing to be sad here but I just wanted to have some feedback from the community to improve my art and submit again next year.
As I planned to create a topic here to display my art for pretty long time now, I decided to give it a try with the new year.
So here you go.
First, this year’s submission:

And here, a mix of my latest stuff:

Hope you’ll like it out there and don’t hesitate to tell me what you think!
I’ll keep posting stuff as I make them and try to keep that topic alive but as I have a regular job as a storyboard artist, I can work as much as i 'd want on comic books stuff.
I’m also looking for good script from millarworld universe to submit next year ( ideally empress or chrononauts), so if you writers would like to see your script (serious one) drawn, contact me.

Thanks for the attention :slight_smile:

2017 Anthology

Really nice stuff Romain. That Daredevil window must have taken a long time. :smile:

Sorry I don’t really have much constructive criticism to make as I think it looks great. It would be nice maybe to see a rather cleaner look on the faces without so many lines. I think that works better on the Star Wars pic.


I agree, the Star Wars one is probably the best, although your other stuff is great too.

I think Gar is right, your characters faces could look a bit cleaner, but if you keep working on your stuff, I’ve no doubt that you’ll be operating at a professional level in no time at all.


I think they all look great. The Daredevil reminds me of John Romita Jnr a bit. But you definitely have a brilliant style of your own. Second the others in that there isn’t much to critique. The only issue I have is Rogue’s face looking busy in the last image.

Thanks for responding to my collaboration thread. I’d love to work with you on something, just need to come up with a suitable idea.




Very nice, Sordet! Could you talk a bit about creating the DD background? I quite like your eye for composition!


Well done. amazing work.
Have you been working on anything else lately?


Good Stuff! I think you’ve developed a very confident drawing style.

Do you have examples of sequential work?

As pin ups I can’t find anything I want to fault in these images. But I’d love to see how your work translates to panel to panel storytelling.


Oh, I just noticed this on a second look. It has nothing to do with your about drawing ability or style, but I feel it’s necessary to mention the Millenium Falcon’s cockpit is on the wrong side of the ship. Those little details could lose you a lot of hours work in the future having to redo panels to please an editor.

(Just being picky, I like your stuff and look forward to seeing more)


Or it’s upside down! (And has already lost its radar)


Don’t be silly, Rey’s just posing in a mirror and we’re seeing the reflection.


Awesome stuff, am I okay to colour up the star wars piece for a bit of practice?



The windows on the cockpit say NOPE it’s flying right side up!

Dave’s mirror explanation gets the No Prize.


The Star Wars Mirror Universe?


I get a bad feeling about this…


I like you’re style! Very clean and full of character!


I coloured up the Star Wars piece hope it’s okay


Thanks to all for stopping by and taking time to give me feedbacks!
And thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:
I understood the main concern about the busy faces and I’ll try to draw more readables ones from now on…

Well don’t hesitate to contact me if one comes up :slight_smile:[quote=“Miqque, post:5, topic:9420”]

Could you talk a bit about creating the DD background?

Well it’s not a big deal really, as complicated as it may appear, it’s just a photograph of the Strasbourg’s Cathedral’s rosace that I digitally put behind my inks and just slightly manipulated. I wanted to show Matt’s love for god but tried to avoid the “Matt standing on a cross” pic… glad you liked it :blush: [quote=“markabnett, post:6, topic:9420”]
Have you been working on anything else lately?

Well, I’m a storyboard artist for french tv shows so I worked on several projects lately but as far as comics are concerned, nothing serious right now, and as I said I 'm looking for scripts to keep my hand warm and do some new sequentials.

Thanks for the kind words :wink: yes i made plenty sequential pages on different projects for 2 or 3 years now. My brother and I did a project called Ayden and presented it to editors here in France about two or three years ago but it did not get through. Its’ in a more “animation” style as I thought i’ll be more able to control character’s designs througout the pages this way:

And I did some batman samples during last year based on a script by Andy Diggle that I found online and i presented some of them here for the first annual. You can find them all on my deviantart page with the link in the first post but here are some:

And finally you have the three pages I submitted this year, no script but just a short story that wrote itself from the first panel:

And this is it for now :slight_smile: I put it all so you can see the evolution over the past few years…
don’t hesitate to tell me what you think !

My bad :frowning:

Man! you’re more than welcome to do so… I’m so happy to see one of my work finished for once as I’m a poor colorist despite several attempts. I think you did a great job to it, even if, in my opinion,
the destroyer’s wreck and the background in general feels a bit too dark. I’m glad you got inspired by this and you’re welcome to try on any of my other works if the motivation arises.


I think I like these pages a whole lot. Even more than your pin ups. Great work.

Your style is consistent and the action reads easily.

If you’re ever looking for someone to work up submission pitches with, I’d love to have the chance bounce some ideas off you.

Either way I look forward to seeing what you come up with moving forward.


Thanks Warren.
really motivating :slight_smile:
If you have something that you think would fit my style, don’t hesitate, I’ll be more than happy to check it out!
See ya…


First one of the new year!
Still a Pinup as I’m stiull looking for a good script to work from.
Hope you’ll like it :wink:


I’ll be in touch soon!