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Songs that make you tear up


Hurt is devastating listening. I’m assuming that the only reason no one has mentioned it before now is that it is too traumatic to contemplate.


It came on in the car the other day. I slowed down to about 25 miles an hour for it. It’s like a funeral dirge sung by the person whose funeral it is.


Made sadder by the fact that he’d passed away around the time it was released.


It makes the video hit really hard. Powerful in a way that very few music videos are.


The first time I heard that song was during my lunch hour many years ago at a listening post in HMV in Grafton Street in Dublin (American IV album if I recall correctly). I listened to that and his version of In my Life. So I bought the album.

And I went back to work. Later on in the afternoon, I heard that Johnny Cash had died.


I won’t ever watch it again.
Once was enough.

It’s like the theme to The Littlest Hobo.
The whole stray dog looking for a home, stopping to help people as he goes along…and then that whistle… Nope. Nope. Nope. Can’t listen to it anymore.

But here it is because feels.


Yeah, that always got me as a kid.

As did that one with the other Banner.




I thought you didn’t listen to female singers?


I’ve found Bowie’s “Heroes” gives me a wee bit of a lump in the throat since his death. A couple of the songs on his last album (Lazarus in perticular) also have a similar effect.


Other songs that have made me tear up: