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Songs that cheer you up


A companion thread to “Songs that make you tear up” .

For me:


Ladies and gentlemen, the magic of Jeff Lynne and the Electric Light Orchestra

You’re welcome.

Thank you Captain Dinosaur from John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme.

And some Bowie


For starters:


Teenage Kicks

Anything by The Gaslight Anthem
We Came to Dance

Bouncy, bouncy Bouncing Souls

Aye, aye, aye…

Stone Roses - Fools Gold


Here are a few: from my “On The Go” playlist:



Don’t know why I forgot this one

and this

I’ve always liked the little Willy Wonka reference in the middle of the song.


Never fail, can’t miss, sure fire, happiness boosters… The list is much longer than this but these are top of mind.








Odd choice, since the song is about a guy whose life sucks.
But the beat is just so amped up.

Other old standards.


If I really need cheering up I usuallu play some classical stuff, like Vivaldi.

Mozart is good too for this purpose.


Okay here’s something




I’ve been depressed all year but this song always cheers me up. According to my itunes I’ve listened to it 57 times since last fall.

Bonus points for Banjo Kazooie appearance in the video.


Had to check twice no one put this up yet…

Cause, y’know, The Statue Of Liberty covered in psychomagnotheric slime doesn’t move itself.


There’s also this, that put me in a brilliant mood last night, but you kind of have to wait for the chorus to kick in…


I can’t post the video just now…but Where’s Me Jumper by the Sultans of Ping FC.

Edit: now with added videoo


Songs that put me in a fantastic mood, but maybe mightn’t for anyone else…

When this last song finishes, it leaves me thinking about picking myself up off the ground on the outskirts of LA, dusting off my fedora, putting it on as I stand up and smiling as I walk back to my car having barely believed I just saved my own bacon by creating a shootout between the two men who wanted me dead, and their goons. It’s only two in the afternoon, but it’s never too early for a whisky, I could be dead tomorrow.


Easily one of the greatest songs ever