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Songs For Modern Samurai and Ninjas

In a couple of weeks I’m off travelling for a week to plot the second series of one of the stupid things I write.

I’m putting together a soundtrack for it but I thought, as alot of us love music, It’d be fun to ask for some help and get some fresh ears.

Imagine modern ninjas in hoodys as gangs running around Los Angeles and police carrying swords. Here’s the general sort of ‘sounds’ I’m looking for.

  • Anything at all you think would suit samurai, ninja, training and duelling with swords.

  • Classic Rock you could see men and women wielding swords to (or modern stuff influenced by classic rock)

  • Japanese influenced modern stuff and anything that has and Asian pentatonic scale but modern, especially Rock (but anything like that in general)

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Yes! Nail on the head, Tim.

I am good at stuff

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While not Japanese, there is Dengue Fever. They are Cambodian psychedelic surf rock. Some songs are song in English and others are Khmer.

This instrumental track is one of my favorites:


That’s proper “dancing at a beach party before Godzilla arrives” type stuff, love it. With that on the soundtrack I can definitely see a scene with people cutting up coke in a dilapidated front room of a ‘ghetto’ style house.

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Yes Ronnie, all those wee ‘asides’ and the orchestral parts will definitely go on it!

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Have you ever seen Six String Samurai? It’s bit low budget but insanely awesome.

I keep meaning to get ahold of it to watch but it’s slipped my mind. If I’m listening to bits of the soundtrack it’ll hopefully remind me next time I do an Amazon run, I’m sure it won’t break the bank. I could download it but I prefer buying low budget stuff. I do my bit. :wink:

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Not Japanese, but the Mongolian Folk Metal Band Nine Treasures definitely comes from the same East Asian Musical Tradition, and being Metal, is intense and action-y:

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Some traveling music:

And some music for when the two rivals put aside their differences and team up against the true enemy:

(You can never go wrong with Canned Heat!)

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Here’s an EP that may be good for training montage type scenes. I use it when I’m writing fight scenes.

Yes!! Kalman this is FANTASTIC!!

I’ve been trying to shoehorn Going Up The Country into a writing soundtrack for years and two sets of characters actually leave the city to go hide out and/or train so I can actually get it in this time :grinning:

Let’s Work Together could definitely be used in a few series time. I can imagine I’ll think of it ironically though and use it to write a scene of hero characters together after they fail really badly. Listening to it, probably escaping a battle, some heavily wounded, all trying to get away anyway they can through the city, on trains, through back alleys and sewers.

Edit: My heroes tend to fail alot.

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Hi Parker,

These suggestions may be a bit leftfield of what you are asking for, but it’s the first things that came into my head.

I recommend Kaneda from the Akira soundtrack (there may be some other suitable tracks on there, can’t remember it’s been a while since I listened to it).

I’d recommend a lot of the Wu Tang Clan stuff, particularly the RZA produced soundtracks for the likes of Ghost Dog and other Kung Fu inspired movies

Also, Ken Ishi


“Songs for Modern Ninja and Samurai” would be an excellent album title.


Great minds really must think alike. I was gonna suggest Wu-Tang and RZA, too:

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Shinobi 3DS Ost - Jungle of Blood

Feel free to be compelled to look it up.