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Something for the Weekend


Time for the inaugural nu-MW weekend thread, then.

I don’t know if this will stick around as an infinite weekend thread or we’ll have a new one each week - we’ll see.

So what are you up to? It’s mainly Mother’s Day-related stuff here, I think. A nice big family meal on the Sunday with four generations. Should be fun.


Nothing much planned apart from cooking a nice meal for my girlfriend tomorrow night, as she returns from a week in Cyprus visiting her folks. Oh, and watching the first grand prix of the year.


Going out to Brooklyn tonight for dinner and drinks.
Saturday morning, up to the Bronx to visit my dad.
Saturday evening, my favorite local watering hole is having an event sponsored by a regional craft brewery, so I’ll probably pop in there to sample some beers.
Sunday is currently an open book…


Concert tonight: The Strawbs, Wishbone Ash, Carl Palmer.

Then away to my mother’s tomorrow and not back till Monday (this means no Millarworld, I hope you can all cope without me).


If you had a smart phone, we wouldn’t have to. :wink:


I thought New Continuity David Meadows had three different smartphones, two smart watches and one pad on him at all times.

Probably just a glitch in communication with the editors.


I think he’s waiting for the smart flip phone or a communicator badge smart phone. I thought the watch would appeal to the Dick Tracy fan in him. I guess we could take a smart watch and turn it into a badge. :wink:


Will be watching more breaking bad, as I’m into season 4 now. I plan to finish all of it by Sunday evening.

Technically I should be studying as I’m seriously behind in my current course.


Season four is where I really started to plough through it at speed. You’ve got some good stuff coming up!


Despite having lived here for almost 15 years tonight is the first time I’ll have been to see Aberdeen play a home match. I’m fully expecting it to be shite but we’re having pints beforehand and after so it’s all good!


I think it would be fun to go with njerry to visit his dad.

For the last weeks my place has been invaded by bugs. It is war. Got the place sprayed last Thursday, which involved moving every piece of furniture into the room centers, bagging and triple-washing anything made of fabric, and stashing and boiling everything in kitchen and bathrooms. An incredible amount of work. We are in the midst of this, and I can’t find nothin’, cook nothin’, and I feel like I’m living in the middle of a yard sale.

But the one I feel bad for is my landlord, on the other half of the duplex. Since New Year’s the water heater corroded out and needed replacement. The house furnace needed major servicing (when it was like -20ºF out). The washing machine died a loud grinding death. The kitchen sink got clogged (due to a roomie incapable of proper use of a garbage disposal) and needed the exterior drain cleared. The bug invasion vent ballistic and needed immediate treatment. The malfunctioning stove stopped warming the oven, making up for this by turning all burners white-hot. The dryer needs bearings, and likely replacement. I’d feel worse, but he got all the stuff in 1978 and has done minimal upkeep. I think he’s made plenty of money from the service life of his appliances.

So what am I doing this weekend? As little as humanly possible!


Holy crap. 37 years out of all of that stuff?!? That’s 3 lifetimes for most of that equipment.

We had a water pop loose under our kitchen sink sometime Sunday night. Luckily, Lilo, our dog, woke us up. Our house is older and doesn’t exactly have level floors. There’s also a crock and sump pump system in the basement for getting the water from the washer and those sort of things out. Also, I think it only ran for a couple hours. Even so, it took about 3 hours of clean up. We didn’t have much damage. We’ll have to fix some of the cabinetry under the sink and lost a box of curriculum books. It could have been a whole lot worse.

If it makes you feel any better, the house I grew up in had to be fumigated for brown recluse spiders. Most homes in that area have them. Once you see one, you have hundreds of them. Their bites can be kind of nasty too.


I’ve dealt with them (in L.A.) as well as black widows. Black widows ride tanks and are best destroyed by a direct strong blow with a hammer.

You, me and DJ have all had winter disasters!


The ones in California are similar but harmless. I’ll spare you pictures of what the bites look like from a real one. :wink:


The weekend. Let’s see.

I was originally going to go see a play today (one based on Ibsen’s Enemy of the People and Spielberg’s Jaws in equal measure, apparently - that sounded rather interesting…). The ex asked me to take the little one instead, and he in turn is having a ladyfriend over. So I’m currently cooking spaghetti bolognese while they’re watching a bit of ninjago, and we’ll see how things go from there.


I went to work super early today, so I got come home super early. Now I’m tired. Tomorrow I have a 5k blacklight walk/run thing. Sunday will be spent trying to wish away Monday.

Oh, and I’ll probably try and check out some car dealerships.

Excitement abounds!


Ninjago gets all the girls hot.

If the weather holds I’m taking the boy to a St Paddy’s Day parade while the wife works.

After that we are gonna hit the local pool and wear him out for a two hour nap.

Sunday we are going to tour Belle Chèvre, a local goat cheese farm after church.


I did some teaching, my sister-in-law runs a kindergarten so she asked me to help the teachers with some English tips. It seemed to go quite well.


Just managed to get the two kids to go outside. It took some convincing. Apparently what they wanted to do after not being allowed to watch stuff on the iPad anymore was to hang around moping and whining.


So my plan to go to my local pub this evening is scuttled; my business partner reminded me that we are obliged to attend a black-tie function tonight at the Grand Hyatt. It will be fun, but I thought it was next week and now I’m…discombobulated…