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Some Pencil Pages for a New Project I’d Love Some Feedback On!

Hello out there!
I’ve been lurkin around here mostly for a bit but decided this may be a good place to get a couple extra sets of eyes for some feedback on the pencils I’ve been working on. I did these for a project in the fairly early stages of production, and before I move to ink them up I’d really love some feedback to catch the issues that I almost certainly overlooked. These won’t really intended to be presented directly since I will be the inker I left some stuff (hair, stubble, textures etc.) looser but it should give a relatively good idea where I’m going with these. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated if only to get me looking at these from an outside critical prospective.


I quite like your use of shadow and texture. However, some of your faces feel slightly off, for example in Page 1 Panel 7, and the first three panels of Page 2.

I recommend using more Dutch Tilts:

And more Bird’s Eye / Worm’s Eye views to add extra effect.

The second to last panel has the character punching in a really static stance. But apart from that, your gesture is quite good.
I recommend using a free, online resource in which you can pose a male and female model, and even change the lighting.

Semi NSFW Screenshot

thanks for getting back to me and for your take, i looked over that site and I could see it getting me out of a bind or two moving forward so I especially appreciate that again thanks

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Wish you luck! Happy to help out any time!