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Some of my pages




The overall quality of this work is really high and I’d be surprised if you haven’t firmly established yourself in the industry by the end of next year. What pages did you use as your Millarworld contest sample? This makes me want to try even harder to get my stuff up to snuff.

My only critique is that most of these pages seem random, it would be nice to see a short sequential narrative that doesn’t require any words to follow the story. At first I thought there was a little standard superhero stuff to stand out but as I scrolled down I saw a lot of interesting stuff that shows you’d be comfortable in any genre.


Really love your work. I would definitely pick up a book that you’d drawn if I saw it in my shop. Use that talent!


Thank you!
I will try to put consecutive pages the next time.
I´ve used the story of the biker girl, this for example:


Very good composition of the sequentials, and really nice drawings. Two thumbs up!


Woah, damn. Seriously, this is above and beyond a Marvel/DC standard. Seeing your process from start to finish is quite useful myself!

May I ask, where do you find those blue-lined templates (are they downloadable for digital pages)?


Thank you!

Lately I´ve used this template, I think its a pro standard.


Oo thanks! Can’t emphasise how much I idolise your art :slight_smile:




Awesome comic pages jordi, amazing shading work!