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Some of my pages


Great stuff. I especially like your sequentials. There is great movement and pacing in them.


A couple of pages more :smile:


Great pic! Great facial expression here.


Very nice work indeed. Clean line work, interesting designs, especially the spaceship and mecha up there. Do you have any more of those?


Yes, I have more mechas in my gallery, this for example:

When I was younger, my favorite artist was masamune shirow, a master with mechas.


Appleseed is amazing, and Ghost in The Shell is my favorite anime of all time. I like it even more then Akira, although I don’t really now how much he was involved in the production of the movie. Gonna be checking your devian later tonight, thanks for the link!


Impressive! Absolutely gorgeous artwork! The action poses are especially wild.


Storm as a punk :slight_smile:



Holy Crap these are amazing. Thanks so much for sharing your stunning artwork.


Nice - you can really see the progression. This stuff looks great.


Thanks :slight_smile: !, more samples


Aquaman Momoa :stuck_out_tongue:


That is some good stuff. A lot of beautiful illustrations and sequential pages in here. Loved looking at them. Keep it up.


Aquaman it’s hungry :stuck_out_tongue:




More pages!



Wow, your work is great! I really like the style.