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Some of my comic book arts


Hello everyone!
Manuel Preitano here, and these are some of my humble comic works (mixing some sequential pages and some illustrations). Hope you like!

Thanks a lot for your time!


Really nice stuff.
That destiny cover is exceptionally beautiful.
Great work!


Many thanks for the kind words.

The Destiny, NY cover comes from a Kickstarter project I’m doing with writer Pat Shand; here is it in case you wanna take a look:

[EDIT] The project has been fully funded! Thank you very much to everyone who stopped by and checked it!


Something a bit different than comic works now. I did some covers for an italian book publisher and it ended up being a load of fun since I got to illustrate quite some wondrous speculative fiction works (the empty space on top of course is the room for the book title and additional graphics):

The italian edition cover for Dancing With Bears, by Michael Swanwick. I insisted a lot for putting the vodka drinking bear on the cover.

“The Haiku’s Cat”, short novel written by Giulia Besa.

Now some covers for Carlton Mellick III Bizzarro Fiction works (or…where things get very weird):

The Morbidly Obese Ninja. Yes, that’s the real title and it actually is quite a cool story. And yes, his katana also is an iPod.

Armadillo Fists. The title says it all. Sort of!

Quicksand House. Very weird story and at the same time very intimate. Really loved to illustrate this one :slight_smile:

Hope you like :slight_smile:


These are all absolutely great. Quicksand House looks intriguing. After a quick google, I have to say that I am not familiar with bizarro fiction, and it seems like something I might want to look into.

I also love the premise of burnt-out “prophecy kids” in Destiny, NY. Very neat idea, that.


Thank you Christian! Very glad you like Destiny, NY, it’s a project I’m very fond of and I think the writer is doing a great work on it!

About the book covers, yeah I must confess a great part of these jobs was discovering such inventive stories. Dancing with Bears -by Michael Swanwick- soon became one of my favorite sci-fi/steampunk novels (a dystopian future reverted to Victorian Era communication technology -but maintaining an advanced level of genetic engineering, see the dog guy- due to artificial intelligence haunting the internet and the likes? Sold!).

The Bizarro Fiction works instead are way…weirder if possible! As the weirdness is the core concept of each story. Sometimes they’re lovely divertissements like Armadillo Fists (a Tarantino-like story with parallel dimensions and dinosaur-cars? No wait, what?) or The Morbidly Obese Ninja (nano-viruses, megacorporations hiring ninjas to steal company secrets, hi-tech katanas and people undergoing surgery to look like anime characters…), but when such bizzarro stuff is used for a more intimate and personal story like Quicksand House, to me it’s an absolute win!

Ahem, my apologies for the fan talk here :slight_smile:

On a side note, I believe I forgot one of my very favorite ones in terms of bizarro concept:

Cuddly Holocaust (Apocalypse Plushie in the italian title, which I find equally weird)- written by Cartlon Mellick III - where too much hi-tech smart toys rebel against humans in a real terrible war. Will a girl undergoing reconstructive surgery in order to become a stuffed animal manage to infiltrate the enemy lines and save her family? Spoiler: not your average Saturday morning cartoon story!


Happy National Butler Velociraptor Weekend everyone! May your loyal, well-mannered reptile serve you well on these days! Wait, this is the parallel universe with living dinos, right?

Copyright note: the fancy Reginald here was created by Italian comic legend Zerocalcare for one of his comic strips (just one panel actually, but it was enough for making me love the idea); I liked to adapt the the original cartoony style into a more realistic one for this pic. Hope you like!