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Some Frank Quitely art!


From our double-sized final issue of Jupiter’s Legacy.

This is a telekinetic wave created by Brandon in the middle of his fight with Chloe, to distract here while they’re throwing punches. LOOK AT THE BEAUTY OF THIS!


I’m enjoying the double-sized last issues! Could this become a thing?


I’ve done it for most of my books. Kick-Ass, Supercrooks, Huck, Empress, Reborn, Jupiter’s Volume 1, Superior, MPH, Starlight and Chrononauts all double-sized (or close to double-sized).

F*ck, when I look at this list I’ve written some good stuff :slight_smile:



Reborn too? Double the Capullo! Can’t wait for that!


It makes me simply ecstatic that you finally figured this out!