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Some advice for a documentary on kickstarter/indiegogo


Hi guys,

I have a question where I need some advice.

So I’m doing a documentary about the FACTS (Fantasy Anime Comics Toys Sci-fi) comic con in Belgium that exists since 93. Since then they have become the biggest one in the Benelux.

The documentary is about their history, the cosplay competition, how they organise the festival during the year, choose their guests, their influence, and so on … all mixed with interviews, fun stuff, animation sequences (which I’m looking for if there is anyone interested in).

Now to finance it, I’m thinking of going to the crowdfunding. I never tried it before and was wondering what you guys would advice: Kickstarter or Indiegogo?

Also, what kind of perks do you guys think I should give. Be creative. I’m very new to that way of producing so every advice or idea is welcome.

And have any of you ever heard of the FACTS?