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Solo - A Star Wars Spoiler Thread


Opens this week, so SPOILERS BELOW.

I’m not that excited, but I’ll see it for Glover’s Lando.


I’m not sure I’ll see this one in the cinema, but I might get to it if I have a spare evening in the next few weeks. I don’t feel hugely compelled to see it but at the same time it looks like it could be fun.


Real Spoilers Starting Now, I’m going to spoil a surprise from towards the end of the movie.

The leaked reveal that there is an appearance from Darth Maul towards the end of this one has me quite interested to see whether he’s a main villain that they want to bring back for other standalone SW films (the Obi-Wan movie seems like an obvious slot) or whether he’ll just be an quick 30-second cameo here, and never referenced again.

I’m assuming the former, as presumably they’ll have a lot of explaining to do for audiences who last saw him when he died at the end of Phantom Menace and didn’t know about any of the resurrections in the comics or cartoons, and it feels like a pretty big move to bring him back in the movies.

Either way, he’s a character with a lot of presence and it always felt like a missed opportunity to kill him off in his first film, so I hope he sticks around for a bit this time.

Actual proper spoilers for Solo above!


Dave, how dare you spoil things in the spoiler thread!

I actually stopped reading after you said that you were going to write spoilers, so I don’t know if you went through with it or not.

Anyway, I’m excited to see this on Thursday. I haven’ t seen Deadpool 2 yet, but Star Wars demands that you don’t delay. Even if the most exciting part of Solo is the new theme from Williams, that might be enough.


This is a deceptively ballsy move as it pretty much sends people to both the Clone Wars and Rebels series, for that’s Maul’s story continues and concludes. Does Solo fit into that? I suspect it will.

This revelation is getting a hell of a lot of flack but I’m not seeing it as problematic.


I guess it’s only problematic in that it effectively brings someone back from the dead, which isn’t something we’ve seen much of in the movies. As long as they explain it well enough though I don’t see it being a massive issue.


To invoke Watchmen - it was done 4-5 years ago!




That was fine. I thought the opening was fairly awful, but the third act was pretty good, even if there weren’t many surprises.

Definitely better than the prequels, but easily the weakest of the four new movies.


Not seen it yet so not reading any posts yet, however:



I thought that was quite a bit of fun. Despite all of the production problems we’ve all read about, it felt like a cohesive experience, even if it doesn’t add up to anything particularly substantial. You could have probably trimmed it down too. A running time of over two hours is a bit much for a movie that doesn’t have much to say, but it’s still Star Wars and what that means is a galaxy full of cool details and characters only glimpsed at in the background.

That Maul moment kind of sucked for me, having never seen The Clone Wars or Rebels, it doesn’t signify anything great. The fact that the voice is done by his animated series voice actor rather than Ray Park, who look’s to have just played Maul physically here, does annoy me. Plus, like @BenObiwomble said, his resurrection and final demise have been played out on the small screen, what’s left for the films to do with him? Using Maul and Q’ira as antagonists in another spin-off set during the same time period could be fun though. Whether that’s Solo 2, a Lando film or something else (did Lucasfilm give up on the Boba Fett one once Josh Tranked?) I can’t say. I would like a Solo 2, though, with Lucasfilm letting Ron Howard direct it from the start to see where he takes it.


Just been to see this at the cinema.
Thought it was pretty solid, and got better as the movie went on, once they got the ‘box ticking’ out of the way and let the story grow a bit.
I’d say is a solid 7.5/10.

Most surprising thing- the cinema was dead, like less than half full for the first day of showing!

It’s set up as a trilogy, but unless business picks up, I can’t see them picking up any more.


I’ve never heard Park try to do the voice so I don’t know if he can do it convincingly.

I wonder whether they considered getting Peter Serafinowicz back to do it, for continuity with TPM.


Tut, tut - there’'s always space for more stories, plus a poster I know elsewhere has already sketched out a difference between how he is here and in Rebels that now needs to be covered.

At this point, all the kids seeing it will recognise Witwer more due to the link to the cartoons. It’s a canny move.


Same here. I watched it in IMAX at a 13:50 showing. Fair enough that plenty of people will be working then, but there were only twenty or so in there.


At least you weren’t solo.


Park never voiced Darth Maul. As far as I know, his only vocal performance has been Toad.


Hmm, did he have any lines as Toad? What I recall is Park kicking arse in style in X-Men.


He did it as a sort of cockney, didn’t he?


I really don’t remember any, hence my asking!


That’s fair. I never knew that he wasn’t the voice. I’ve just seen The Phantom Menace so many times that this new voice they’ve given him didn’t line up for me at all.
The opposite of any sort of nostalgia hit that they might have been going for. But as has been said, they’ve given him the voice from the animated series that he’s been a part of.

The board outside the Everyman in Birmingham said “Bring a date or come Solo”. I felt like traitorous scum to not reward their pun and watch it elsewhere.