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Solicitations for September 2016 (w/ Previews Text)


This is the thread for all comic companies solicitations with an September sale date.
The first post will be updated regularly.
Can talk about it here, the DC thread, the Marvel thread, or the Everyone Else thread.

Previous solicit threads: June, July, August

Solicitations for September

DC - at CBR, at Newsarama, at IGN, at ComicsAlliance, at Continuum

Marvel - at CBR, at Newsarama, at IGN, at ComicsAlliance, at Continuum, TP’s at Continuum

Image - at Continuum, at CBR, at Newsarama

Action Lab - at Continuum, at C4S
AfterShock - at Continuum, at Newsarama
Archie - at Continuum, at Newsarama
Aspen - at Continuum
Bongo - at Continuum
Boom! Studios - at CBR, at Newsarama
Dark Horse - at CBR, at Continuum, at Newsarama
Dynamite - at Continuum
IDW - at Continuum, at Newsarama, at CBR
Lion Forge - at Continuum
Moonstone - at C4S
Oni Press - at CBR, at Continuum, at Newsarama
Scout Comics - at Continuum
Titan - at Continuum
Valiant - at Newsarama, at Continuum
Zenescope - at Continuum
Z2 - at Continuum

Diamond - Previews, [Order Forms] ( (PDF, TxT)
Previews Text - at Staffars
Previews Text Archives - at Staffars

Solicitations for November
Comics - Everyone Else (NOT Marvel / DC)
Solicitations for December (w/Preview Text)
DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here
Marvel Comics: Not-So-Secret Empire is here!
Solicitations for October 2016 (W/Previews Text)

That James Bond cover is great.

Suddenly September feels so far away.


Previews Text is up, and the first post should be up-to-date with all the solicit info.