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Solicitations for June 2019


This is the thread for all comic solicitations with a June 2019 sale date.
The first post will be updated regularly.
Talk here, the DC thread, the Marvel thread, or the Everyone Else thread.

Previous solicit threads: March, April, May

Solicitations for June 2019

DC - at CBR, at Newsarama, at FCN

Marvel - at CBR, at Newsarama, at FCN

Image - at, at Newsarama, at FCN

Aardvark Vanaheim - at FCN
Abstract - at FCN
Action Lab - at FCN
Action Lab Danger Zone - at FCN
AC Comics - at Newsarama, at FCN
AfterShock - at FCN
Ahoy - at Newsarama
Albatross Funnybooks - at Newsarama
Alterna - at FCN, at Newsarama
American Mythology - at Newsarama
Amigo - at FCN, at ComicsForSinners
Antarctic Press - at Newsarama, at FCN
Archie - at Newsarama, at FCN
Aspen - at FCN, at Newsarama
Benitez - at FCN
BlackBox - at FCN
Black Mask - at FCN, at Newsarama
Boom! Studios - at Newsarama
BroadSword - at FCN
Caliber - at FCN
Cave Pictures - at FCN
Coffin - at FCN
ComixTribe - at FCN
Dark Horse - at FCN, at Newsarama
Devil’s Due/1First - at FCN
Dynamite - at FCN, at Newsarama
Hero Tomorrow - at Newsarama
IDW - at Newsarama
Legendary - at FCN
Mad Cave - at FCN, at Newsarama
Oni Press - at Newsarama
Red 5 - at FCN
Rothic - at FCN
Scout - at Newsarama, at FCN
Storm King - at FCN
Valiant - at Newsarama, at FCN
Vault - at Newsarama
Viz Media - at Newsarama - Order Forms (PDF, TXT)
Previews Text - at Staffars
Previews Text archives - at Staffars

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Solicitations for July 2019 (w/ Previews Text)
Solicitations for August 2019
Comics - Everyone Else (NOT Marvel / DC)

SPAWN #298 almost time for #300 !!!
FATHOM vol 8 #2
THE ZOOHUNTERS #5 yay for Steigerwald!
JUGHEAD THE HUNGER VS. VAMPIRONICA (2019) #3 (of 5) in love with Archie Horror line!
RED SONJA & VAMPIRELLA MEET BETTY & VERONICA #2 … oddest crossover yet… I think.


THE RIDE: BURNING DESIRE #1 (OF 5) … 12Gauge rocks!!

HIT-GIRL, VOL. 4 TP… oooo this I gotta get!
PRODIGY (Mark Millar)… and this as well

BATMAN/TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES… say what!!! This is a thing? Completely overlooked it! I love crossovers and this better be good!!!


Have updated the first post to 32 company solicits

Also added Previews Order Forms

I’ve noticed that Comics Continuum (by Rob Allstetter) has not been updated since Monday March 11th.

Searched through my phone earlier today, and found a reference from last month (through Facebook?) that he has been sick, but is still updating the site.

Now nothing. I wonder if competing sites would share news?
(self edited some negativity before posting speculation…)

I have used this site since it became “my job” on these boards to handle solicits, and I think I discovered it way back on the Authority Boards (2001 for me).

Anyways, I hope he’s alive and getting better.
Fuck the website and do what’s best for yourself first.

Edit: Updated the first post to 33 solicits

Comics - Everyone Else (NOT Marvel / DC)

I sure hope he is ok.

Solid website.

I actually miss more websites with solicits. I am glad FCN is picking up the slack, that is for sure!
I wish I could handle it all via C4S but it is too time-costly.



The first post in this thread has been updated to 38 company solicits.

Maybe a few more to come, and still waiting on Previews Text…



I cannot pre-order THE RIDE yet. Perhaps next month

I added LADY MECHANIKA though!!


The first post in the thread has been updated to 40 company solicits, plus Previews Text

Tues. update: 41 solicits

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