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Solicitations for February 2019


This is the thread for all comic solicitations with a February 2019 sale date.
The first post will be updated regularly.
Talk here, the DC thread, the Marvel thread, or the Everyone Else thread.

Previous solicit threads: November, December, January

Solicitations for February 2019

DC - at CBR, at Newsarama, at FCN, at Continuum

Marvel - at CBR, at Newsarama, at FCN, at Continuum

Image - at, at Newsarama

Aardvark Vanaheim - at FCN
Abstract - at FCN
AC Comics - at FCN
AfterShock - at Newsarama
Ahoy - at FCN
American Gothic - at FCN
Archie - at Newsarama, at FCN, at Continuum
Aspen - at FCN, at Continuum
Boom! Studios - at Newsarama, at Continuum
BroadSword - at FCN
Caliber - at FCN
Cave - at FCN
Chapterhouse - at FCN
Coffin - at FCN
Devil’s Due/1First - at FCN
Insight - at FCN
Lion Forge - at Newsarama
Mad Cave - at FCN
Moonstone - at FCN, at Continuum
Red 5 - at FCN
Red Anvil - at FCN
Rothic - at FCN
Scout - at FCN
Source Point - at FCN
Storm King - at FCN
Starburns - at FCN
Valiant - at Newsarama, at FCN
Vault - at FCN

Solicitations for March 2019
AC Comics - at FCN - Order Forms (PDF, TXT)
Previews Text -
Previews Text archives - at Staffars

Comics - Everyone Else (NOT Marvel / DC)