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Solicitations for April 2019


This is the thread for all comic solicitations with an April 2019 sale date.
The first post will be updated regularly.
Talk here, the DC thread, the Marvel thread, or the Everyone Else thread.

Previous solicit threads: January, February, March

Solicitations for April 2019

DC - at CBR, at Newsarama, at FCN

Marvel - at CBR, at Newsarama, at FCN, at Continuum

Image - at, at Newsarama, at FCN

Aardvark Vanaheim - at FCN
Action Lab - at FCN
Action Lab Danger Zone - at FCN
AC Comics - at Newsarama, at FCN
AfterShock - at FCN, at Newsarama
Ahoy - at FCN
Albatross Funnybooks - at Newsarama
Alterna - at Newsarama
Amigo - at ComicsForSinners, at Newsarama, at FCN, at Continuum
Antarctic - at Newsarama
Archie - at Newsarama, at FCN, at Continuum
Aspen - at Newsarama, at FCN, at Continuum
Black Mask - at FCN, at Newsarama
Boom! Studios - at Continuum, at Newsarama
BroadSword - at FCN
Caliber - at Newsarama
Cave Pictures- at FCN, at Newsarama
Coffin - at FCN
ComixTribe - at FCN
Dark Horse - at FCN, at Continuum, at Newsarama
Devil’s Due/1First - at FCN
Drawn & Quarterly - at Newsarama
Dynamite - at FCN, at Continuum, at ComicsForSinners, at Newsarama
Fantagraphics - at Newsarama
Heavy Metal - at Newsarama
Hero Tomorrow - at Newsarama
Humanoids - at Newsarama
IDW - at Continuum, at Newsarama
Joe Books - at Newsarama
Keenspot - at Newsarama
Legendary - at FCN
Lion Forge - at Newsarama
Mad Cave - at Newsarama, at FCN, at Continuum
Oni Press - at Newsarama
Rebellion - at FCN
Red 5 - at FCN
Rothic - at FCN
Scout - at Newsarama, at FCN
Storm King - at FCN
Titan - at Newsarama, at FCN, at ComicsForSinners
Valiant - at Newsarama, at FCN, at Continuum, at ComicsForSinners
Vault - at Newsarama
Yen Press - at Newsarama
:01 First Second - at Newsarama - Order Forms (PDF, TXT)
Previews Text - at Staffars
Previews Text archives - at Staffars

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Solicitations for June 2019
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Solicitations for May 2019 (w/Previews Text)
Comics - Everyone Else (NOT Marvel / DC)
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DC >

An anonymous user on 4chan/co leaked DC Comics’ April 2019 solicitations straight from the catalogue that will appear alongside the upcoming Diamond Previews. And then Tako leaked us the text for the collections that would follow. Toys to come later I am sure.

All in all, this includes the Deathstroke/Teen Titans Terminus Agenda on the front cover, original graphic novels Teen Titans: Raven by Kami Garcia and Gabriel Picolo and Six Days by Robert Venditti, Kevin Maurer and Andrea Mutti.

There’s also the cancellation of Titans and Damage , and the latest with Heroes In Crisis and Poison Ivy…


Amanda Conner doing Batman Catchelorette? I am so in!!


When I get home (about 5 hours from now) I will update the first post with:

Marvel, Image, Archie, and maybe more…

DC is up also.


exciting times :slight_smile:
And take your time. I drove 4.5 instead of 1.5 hrs back home due to snowfall :slight_smile:


The Big 3 are up, and a few more as well.

First post updated when more arrive.

Dark Horse - Preview Solicits for April @CBR



JUGHEAD THE HUNGER VS. VAMPIRONICA #1 of 5… loving that VHS-oldlook cover!!
MONSTER-SIZED CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA: collecting #6#8 so cause I cannot wait on the TPB I am going for this :slight_smile:
BLOSSOMS 666 #3: I might also getthis one


THE ZOOHUNTERS #4: worth the wait!!


Kick-Ass: The New Girl, Vol. 2 TP
Spawn #296
The Walking Dead #190 > tradewaiting
Unnatural, Vol. 2: The Hunt TP > must read must have!!


The first post is updated to 31 solicits
also PreviewsWorld Order Forms


Amigo Comics


First post is up to 37 solicits

edit: up to 43
edit: up to 45

Feb 7th edit: up to 46

Feb. 28th edit: Oni brings it up to 47


nobody here telling what they are pre-ordering? :slight_smile:

SPAWN #296
BATMAN #68 Catchelorette @ Amanda Conner